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The Lean Machines join me LIVE on the show from SFN Expo, a show where we discuss their journey in fitness, how their opinions and application of diet, training and mindset has changed over the years, whats next for them, why they love crossfit, their top recovery tips, how they are planning to be the worlds best dad, and more musing on all sorts of fitness topics. 

Enjoy. Find 'The Lean Machines' all over the internet, especially on YouTube. 

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People often struggle with consistency on a diet, but why? 

In this short podcast I explore the key issues around consistency, so if you're struggling, get this downloaded, get it in your ears, take action. 

These things are simple, they're just not always easy, I get that, but the power IS in your hands. 

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Cameron Parker, a motivational speaker in schools joins me to talk motivation, education, nutrition, schooling, parenting, personal ownership, societal norms, social media, addiction, body language, personal motivators, and the impression we are making as adults on the youth of today, and whether it's positive. 

This show started as a Part 2 Energy Drink ban debate after last week, but escalated into so much more. 

Buckle in, this is show is longer than normal & fiery! 

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Find assessing protein quality confusing? In this show we explore the confusing world of protein quality, quantity and sources. How can you tell if a food provides good quality protein, and what can you do if you don't get it?

What about being vegetarian or vegan? Is there a difference between whey & vegan protein shakes? Are protein shakes good or bad? 

Get clarity on protein, it's sources, and scientific fact. 

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The UK Government are trying to ban energy drinks for Under 18s, and I agree with this move, but Tom my co-host doesn't. 

So we settle our differences, or try to over a debate. We state our cases, our theories, outline some statistics on recent similar initiatives, and inevitably politics, legislation, social economic factors, societal mindset and all sorts of 'context' get thrown into the mix. 

Let us know where your opinion lies after you listen to our debate... 

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Too many people are scared of failure, but it shapes success. In this podcast I continue my story of how I went from bad personal trainer, to AWESOME personal trainer.

I share the story where I realised I was bad, the self-awareness steps I went through, and how it shaped my career as a coach. This is the 2nd half of the introduction to my book 'How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer', which is available on Amazon if you'd like to buy it:  

Want to share your story? Hit me up.

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This week, co-host Tom and Emma Storey-Gordon return to chat about metabolically healthy obesity. Does it really exist, is it a good thing to be promoting, and is there more to the story? 

By objectively delving into the topic with as little bias as possible, it very quickly looks a lot more nuanced and fascinating than most probably realise...

It's always a pleasure having Emma on the show, so we hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it!

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What is the vision for your future? For your life? For your career? 

In this short podcast I talk about my career when I was younger by reading the Introduction to my book 'How to be an Awesome Personal Trainer'.

This book is an autobiography of my work career, with life, business and coaching lessons intertwined into the story.  And so this podcast focuses today on vision, tenacity and hard work, the backbone of anyone successful...

My book on Amazon: 

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William Pullen is a running psychotherapist, yeah, I had no idea what that was either. But what ensued is one of my most enjoyable podcasts yet. I delve into Will's journey into his job, explore the power that movement has in giving people emotional momentum, we share stories that have empowered ourselves, and we breech the core topic of "can running help combat depression", and if so, how, and why? 

Find Will here: 

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People complain about healthy food being expensive, but is it? 

People buy a Cost Coffee everyday but complain about the cost of a gym membership, is this complaining fair, is health and fitness expensive, or is it a case that we don't value the cost of things that make us fit and healthy, but wouldn't blink twice at paying £4.50 for a pint of beer or glass of wine? 

Lets get objective, as what we value is key here. 

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What if we are damaging our health through supposed healthy habits?

Many of us are guilty of taking extreme approaches, or just taking things too far. In fitness we need to aim for balance, but how many people are truly living with balance, rather oscillating from one extreme to the next. Training with weights, dieting, our mindset and environment, our beliefs, injury risk, movement, pain, we discuss it all after a listener writes into the show with quite a story, and me and Tom share ours....


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Confused whether HIIT or LISS cardio is best? Don't be, lets get some clarity on this short sharp show where I discuss the pros and cons of HIIT and LISS cardio so you know what to do and why so you can exercise more effectively, which leads into the topic of calories and human performance! 

Want your question answered on the show? 

Email: with the subject line 'Podcast' 

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If you could ask me ANYTHING what would it be? 

I get interviewed by Elliot Reeves (Inspired Edinburgh) on my 13 year journey to date. We discuss my ego, my view of myself, the world as I see it, my career, why I've made selfish choices, prioritising, blocks to success, my legacy, negatives of social media, advice to my younger self, and more. 

This interview was filmed 1-2-1, face to face, hard questions were asked. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording.

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Do you know a couple that can't get pregnant? 

I've helped many couples conceive, its an area of my work that just seemed to happen in the early years. And to be honest my approach is super simple. But there are a few key things I believe to be fundamental in preparing the body to give life and carry that life. 

A short podcast on my top tips for getting pregnant and bringing a healthy life into the world 

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CBD or cannabidiol is a topic that's on everyone's lips at the moment. While some think it's little more than an overhyped fad, others are claiming it will help everything from sleep to cancer - but what's the truth? 

In this show co-host Tom chats to Evan DeMarco of Omax nutrition about what CBD is, how it works and what it can be used for in the general public. What's its interaction with inflammation, recovery and performance as well as the upcoming research on more clinical issues. 

Overall this was a fascinating conversation, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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Want to join my new private Facebook Community?

I've just created a new community called #AskBen Coomber, it's a place I'll be doing live Q&As, sharing my training and nutrition updates, and levelling with you on a more personal level and helping YOU as much as I can. 

I'll also be uploading my seminars and I've already uploaded my talk '25 Reason's you're not losing body fat', my favourite talk to deliver.

All free.  

Hit this link to join, be warned, massive value inside:

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99% of people hate talking about money, why?

We have a culture of money secrecy, people scared to talk about what they earn, how much something cost, or what something is really worth. Yet we all want more?! 

I welcome Jason Graystone onto the show (Tier One Trading) as we talk about his journey to financial freedom, investing, and why some peoples perception of money is holding them back.

Jason's website: 

Note: This show is not financial advice, but opinion.

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Do you know what it is?

The ONE thing that will make you more successful? 

It's no secret, in fact the hint is in the title.  

Apply this tip and scale up your success at ANYTHING in life. 

Enjoy. And if you've feedback for the show, hit me up on social :) 

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What does it take to be as strong as Sonny Webster? 

Join me as I interview Sonny Webster, a hugely popular man on Instagram throwing around silly weights all over the place, we discuss his journey into olympic weightlifting, what made him great, the steps he took to reach the world stage, his diet, his philosophy on being the best, and where he's heading now. 

Watch out for Part 2 as we go deeper into his training methodologies. 

Check Sonny out at: 

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Struggle with confidence in what you do and who you are?

This needs to change, today. In todays podcast I want to discuss you and your ability to sell yourself. See, we're all sales people, whether you like it or not. 

We're selling ideas, ideals, beliefs, values, products, services, methods, nowhere can you avoid selling yourself. 

So today it's time to get comfortable with that and go out and tell the world how awesome you are!! 

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Do you struggle with the weekend? Eat great during the week but it all goes to pot at the weekend? Perhaps its to do with your all our nothing mentality, or perhaps your mindset, planning and reasoning needs work? 

Ultimately, are you getting the results you want right now?

Join us as we go deep into the reasons people binge, stall & hold themselves back. This is all off the back of some recent teaching we're doing & 2 very poignant listener questions.

Our teaching systems:  

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Are you, honestly, being honest with yourself?

With a diet, with change, with a training program, we have to be 100% raw and honest with ourselves and what we've done to get the outcome we've got, otherwise we bulls*** ourselves, and that never leads to positively moving forward, its just leads to frustration and anger. 


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What would you tell your younger self if you had the chance? 

What books would you get yourself to read as early on in life as possible? 

Have you learnt from your failures, or are you wallowing in them letting them define your future actions in a negative way? 

Mark Whittle interviewed me on my failures, how I feel they've defined me, who inspires me, events that have shaped me, and more. 

Enjoy, link to the Take Flight Podcast: 

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Do you procrastinate? Do you lack clarity? Does it always feel like you're fighting a losing in battle in your head? 

It's time to clean your house... 

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Have a couple of beers and people can loose their S*** when you're a 'fitness guy'. Reality is Tom and I drink a few times a week, but what is the safe or healthy level of alcohol consumption?

What about processed meats that have been linked to cancer? 

In this episode we talk about the ACTUAL REAL RESEARCH when it comes to alcohol & bacon and its impact on cancer and other diseases. 

+ tangents on health, lifestyle, personal choice, and the internet in navigating your fitness journey. 

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Remember podcasts 291 & 292 where I opened up about the hardest year of my life and nearly going bankrupt? Well I've 100% turned it around, I'm in a good place again, I'm giving myself a high 5! 

But how did I do it, and what have the last 6 months been like after those 2 podcasts I did? 

And what does the future have in store for me? 

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In life, are you taking your chances? Mike Vacanti bought a one way trip to NYC to apply for a job, a massive gamble, and it worked, 5 minutes later he's the personal coach to Gary VaynerChuk, BOOM!

We discuss Mike's life gambles, what stops others from taking big risks, fear, his $150,000 fitness poker stunt, our love of Jordan B Perterson, the future of fitness, and re-grouping after failure. A not to be missed show. I'd Highly recommend some of Mike's blogs:  

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Can you get stronger by not lifting heavy weights? Yes, but how? I feel the strongest I have ever felt during my off season training and all my 1RM lifts have gone up in the gym, yet I'm not doing any traditional rep ranges in terms of my strength training, why is this? A short show with Andy McKenzie in support to quickly explore this topic on getting strong! 

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If I could tell my story and give young people career advice, what would I say? Well this live recording is just that. I got invited to Kesgrave high School in Ipswich to give a talk to 14-16 year olds. I wanted to inspire them with my journey, what I'd learnt, the pros and cons of uni, the career ready mindset that guarantees success, what holds most people back, and much more. 

I hope this talk inspires many. Please share with other young people. ideo also available on YouTube & FB.

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Got Hay fever, me too, well, I did. I've been taking Fexofenadine and Montelukast, let me explain how this went down. Please note, this is not medical advice, just me solving my hay fever, feel free to do as you please with this advice and solving your own hay fever. 

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Are there differences between men and women in their nutrition and training needs? In this episode I speak to researcher and doctorate Abbie Smith-Ryan from University of North Carolina, as we delve into macronutrients, HIIT training, supplements, stress, fasting, misinformation on the internet, and the different approaches one might take whether male or female in all the above scenarios. Enjoy. 

Find Abbie all over the internet by having a good google, but she loves twitter: 

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The #TruthAboutCarbs is doing the rounds, oh my days, so lets look at the research, research and science based arguments vs peoples opinions, what motivates us, and industry BS. I pack a lot into this micro show which is a clip from my interview on the Health Hackers show, which you can find here for the full interview: 

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If you could ask me anything, what would you ask me? This is how this show went down. The 3 Dumbbells is a London based podcast with Fred, Seb and Mat, and this is the recording as they dive deep into my professional background, my favourite books, top podcasts, my values as a coach, my tough year going bankrupt, views on coaching and change, my daily routines, being vulnerable, and why I've done what I've done in my career to date. 

Check out The 3 Dumbbells Podcast for more of Seb, Mat and Fred. 

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The fitness industry is a weird place right? Don't get me wrong, it needs to change, it has to change, people are more confused and troubled than ever despite the wealth of information available, but there is light everywhere, you just need to know where to find it, and to know that right now you are enough. 

Today's isn't about me, Dave Cottrell is back, with 90 second video about the fitness industry, enjoy... 

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James Haskell, England and Lions rugby player and top lad is BACK for his 3rd appearance on the show! Today we evolve the topic of mastering your own athleticism, why so many young men are not achieving their goals, the benefits of expertise and having a plan, but following the plan. We then have a MASSIVE moan about social media, the purpose of it, and the people on it, and how we can get more from it. 

James on da Internet:

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Is your hydration optimal and do our supplement needs change in the summer? This is a key question as we enter the hot summer months. In this podcast I discuss the hydration index, beer and coffee being dehydrating, minerals in our water, electrolytes, the best filters, and lastly a few tweaks with our supplements in the summer months. 

Yve-Bio filter I discussed: 

Awesome Supplements: 

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When do you need more data to reach your goals? And what data do we pay attention to? In this episode Tom B and I answer one of your questions discussing how do we get better results, when do we need more data, what is that data, where do psychological boundaries hold us back, where do calories become valuable, when do we change volume & intensity, how do we periodise, recovery parameters, and ultimately getting the outcome from training we expect! 

Expect big things from this show ;) 

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Is there pain in your life today, or has there been in the past and it took you too long to solve it and move on? Pain is an indicator, we don't avoid it, bury it, or hide it, we deal with it head on, but how when it feels too tender to touch? Today lets discuss three ways that I think could change how you deal with pain in your life, both short term and long term, and thus live a happier life with more meaning and less frustration. 

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The fitness industry is full of egos and narcissists, and it's not helping the industry move forward. In this frank live recording from my May 2018 Body Power Expo talk I get as raw and honest as I can about the state of the fitness industry, the issues it faces, but importantly what we can do about it. If we want things to change, we have to be the voices of change, not just complain. Amidst all the swearing I hope you join me in this call to arms! 

If you agree with the messages in this show, please share! 

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Do we do ourselves a disservice sometimes with our learning? We follow all sorts of people online and absorb all sorts of facts daily, but do we have a BS filter that is fully operational? Are we applying common sense? After listening to a Joe Rogan podcast on keto it got me thinking about conflicting opinions in the world of nutrition and how some people will contradict what they say with overlapping theories. Here's the solution! 

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Why is fat loss complicated? Or is it, really, honestly? In this candid and honest talk I freestyle on my approach to coaching clients at Be Fit Expo. I got invited to the event to present to a room of ladies on why they might be holding THEMSELVES back from their goals, and how I would approach it as a coach highlighting my 2 step initial approach, then outline the journey. The very system and approach I use in my 90 day coaching program Fat Loss for Life. 

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Today I set you 2 challenges around your mobile phone and social media use. I'm setting these challenges as I see too many people having an unhealthy relationship with social media and or social media giving them some sort of anxiety.

Our mental well-being is precious, we need to protect it, but we need boundaries as we get into unhealthy habits, after all we're only human.

Well, today is about breaking those habits, will you join me?

Do the challenges, great things will happen, promise. 

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Why would someone run, or do any exercise? Should it be fun, or just lead to an outcome, and how do we find out what really makes us tick? Virgin Sport are trying to do things a little bit differently, their races, the charities they support, their initiatives, and their brand value of 'business for good'. I chat to general manager and keen marathon runner Jessica Frey at Virgin Sport to see what they are up to, how they are trying to change things, and how they are impacting the UK's health. 

Check out virgin sport at: 

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When we first met Chris he was struggling to find balance in his nutrition and training, and as a result didn't feel as healthy as he believed he could. Two years later he is in amazing shape both inside and out, and that's not the only change!

Chris has recently left his corporate job to coach people full time, allowing him to do what he is passionate about and help a ton more people at the same time. 

His story is great, and we hope you take some inspiration from it!

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We all know the proximal cause of obesity - people eat too much and/or move too little over a prolonged period of time. That isn't really the whole picture, though - is it?

This fascinating conversation with Emma Story Gordon explores the role that genetics have in the development of obesity in free living conditions. After all, we all live in the same environment and most people don't want to be obese - so why is it that some end up gaining a lot of weight and others don't, when neither are paying much attention to their food? 

After exploring that, we discuss the necessity for counting calories and the pros and cons of eating the same foods all of the time. All in all this was a brilliant discussion from which we think you'll take a lot of cool info!

References Cited:

Long term overfeeding in human twins:

The genetic determinants of exercise adoption and adherence:


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We are joined by ex-BTN Academy student and online nutrition coach Emily Rayner to discuss her journey. Emily joined the fitness industry after improving her own mindset and fitness and taking the time to learn how to improve her behaviours, both to improve her body composition and her mental and social health. Emily has undergone an awesome journey and we're happy to have been part of it - hear her story and her thoughts on fitness as a whole. 

Find her Instagram at

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How is stress really affecting us? And what stress is the worst for us? The author of The Warrior Diet joins me on the show to discuss stress and it's dynamics, how it is really affecting us, why, and whether our biological systems are handling what we are throwing at it in this modern age. A fascinating show from one of life true health intellects. 

Check out Ori's work here: 

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There are a growing number of Doctors who are becoming aware of the power of nutrition and exercise as preventative medicine, and ex BTN student, Aileen Alexander of ThisDoctorLifts is one of them. In this short episode she chats about her thoughts on the state of nutrition education for doctors and what she's done to improve the situation in her own practice. 

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We all need to fail at life to learn, but how much? After being bullied at school, a failed marriage, hiding behind a fake persona and a less than ideal upbringing, Dave Cottrell decided to make a life pivot, a pivot that led him to lose over 9 stone, fight competitively, then become a mindset coach and help others with their life goals. If you're stuck in any way, you want persecutive on life, you want to be at one with your failures, you want to move forward positively, you want to understand yourself more, then this show is for you. 

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We all have regrets, but why? It's because we change and evolve as people, we learn to be better, to do better. Today is one of those days of reflection. I've deleted over 60 old podcast episodes, but why? It's because I've changed, I've evolved, I've learnt. 

Direct download: Podcast_314_-_22042018_08.55.mp3
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Dr Hazel Wallace is back to debate food vs exercise vs medicine, where does it all fit together? Being a Doctor & health coach Hazel is in the perfect position to comment on the changes we are seeing both in the medical world and the food and health coaching world. We discuss diet vs exercise and its impact on disease and obesity, new initiatives, the family environment, a new wave of thinking in young doctors, and the curse of social media. 

Enjoy. And please do check out Hazels new book: 

Direct download: Hazel_Podcast.m4a
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Are you empowering or disempowering yourself? We're all too good at being negative and holding ourselves back, well, its time to stop that. I've two important lessons today as a result of learning I've done last week in a room full of people I respect and was inspired by. Are you ready to go 'all in' on what you're good at? 

Direct download: Podcast_312_-_10_Min_Show.m4a
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We often complain the NHS aren't doing enough, but are they? What preventive healthcare initiatives are happening, and how are the scientific innovators trying to effect the nations health? I debate with Dr Carl Brandt on nutrition vs exercise and what is more important, how we change peoples behaviour around diet and health, the current impact of conditions like diabetes, the concept of prevention, the impact of Liva Healthcare, and much more. 

Check out Liva: 

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When someone dies, how do you stay positive? Should you even stay positive? John Chapman, one half of The Lean Machines is a dear friend of mine and also, last year, had what he felt was the hardest year of his life. After a death in the family he wondered how he would cope and stay 'positive' to all around him. After he listened to my Podcasts 291 and 292 he recorded this, enjoy.

And if you need help, ask, be vulnerable, it's the only way to move forward. 

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What does a legend in the game do to keep things fresh? Don Saladino has been in the fitness game for 19 years, he's trained Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and many other A-listers, he's also coached someone down from 800 Lbs, built a gym in New York, and more, so where does a man with this pedigree go now? I explore training, habits, steroids, Hollywood, fitness trends, gyms and more with humble fitness hero Don Saladino. Enjoy. 

Find Don at: 

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What do you do when you hit burnout, do you even know if you're burnt out? Right now I'm low, weak and feel powerless, I'm not myself, but I had to get to this place, and it's been a long time coming if I'm honest. Today I share with you the last few months, how I'm feeling right now, and most importantly, what I'm going to do about it. After all, with no action is no outcome. And I'm taking action, by taking NO action! 

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Do our teeth reflect the health of our diet? Many years ago a book called 'Nutrition and Physical Degeneration' pointed at a change in our diet and the health of our teeth, now dentist Dr Steven Lin aims to continue this seminal work by Dr Weston A Price. How are your teeth? Could their health be linked to your diet? Lets find out with Australian dentist Dr Steven Lin. Find his book 'The Dental Diet' on Amazon here: 

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S.A.D is a seasonal form of depression that affects 1 in 15 in the UK. Could S.A.D relate to a vitamin D deficiency? The answer is maybe, and in this episode Tom lets you know what he did about it this year in some personal experimentation. 

*Note, this is not medical advice nor is it a scientific experiment - rather, it's an anecdote that we hope you might find interesting, whether you suffer from this condition or not

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What is motivation, and how do you keep cultivating it? Is it internal, or can we create it, maybe it's just a state of energy and focus, and how do we change it? Tom and I open discussion on mindset and motivation and segway into a discussion on relationships and friction in them, changing identity as a person as you grow, and having a growth mindset as a person, how do we navigate it and create the right environment for it. A potent and deep show, enjoy! 

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The inmates are running the asylum - Tom has a solo show! Personal development is a critical part of your growth as a practitioner, a coach, an athlete and a person; but in the age of information are we doing personal development wrong? If you read 60 books per year will it really make you better at what you do?

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After the attention episode 301 got where we discussed the Cancer Research UK campaign Cancer Research UK got in touch, so this episode Cancer Research join me to discuss the O_B_ S_ _Y Campaign. What was the aim of the campaign and what data was it based on? Is obesity really a serious threat to our health and linked to cancer? What can we be doing to support wider change, and is there enough happening at a government policy level to effect massive change? All this and more is discussed with Emma Shields, Cancer Research UK spokesperson. Find out more at:

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I believe in life we have to grow, it's what keeps us whole. We need to keep learning and growing and challenging ourselves. Whats my current plan with my own personal development? Find out in this quick 10 minute podcast. 

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Is the most recent Cancer UK OBESITY campaign fat shaming? Tom and I look objectively at the campaign and discuss it's pros, cons, and whether it will work to create a change in dietary awareness. We then move onto discuss the new 400-600-600 OneLife diet campaign for the UK, again, will this make any change, will it help the obesity epidemic? We also discuss the new 20% calorie cut and update show 299 on the glute training discussion. Got a comment on the show? Get in touch! 

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Matt Pritchard from TVs Dirty Sanchez is now an ultra endurance vegan athlete, but why? What changed after years of travelling the world and being viewed by 400 million people on the TV show? What damage has he done to his body? Does he see his extreme personality as a positive or a negative? We also discuss his change of career and managing coming down from the high of global fame to a local business live with his barber and tattoo shop? Check out his vegan cooking channel: 

(apologise for the poorer sound quality of this show, we had to do the show on old school tech). 

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What's the deal with women not being able to build muscle as well as men? Are they really weaker in the upper body, and what can we do to combat both these problems? What rep ranges should women be training in? Why is crossfit creating badass female physiques? Then we move on to debate fat in dairy and its micronutrient composition, and we finish with training debates on military and challenging environments. 

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Do you know anyone with an eating disorder? ED's are now a growing problem in the world with social media, mis-information and societal pressure. Someone I've known for many years and been close to has battled with an ED, Anorexia, and now writes, teaches and inspires through her journey, yoga and food how to beat EDs and thrive, to realise your best self isn't one with Anorexia. Join me & my guest Nicola Jane Hobbs for a chat about beating Anorexia. Enjoy. 

More on Nic: 

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Should we be happy all the time? Thats what the self help gurus say no, that if we get it right we should be happy 24/7? In this fascinating episode about happiness I hear about the work of Will Foster, a happiness coaches that calls BS on many of the concepts we believe are true, and opens up a new way to think about being happy. Get this episode downloaded, I promise you're going to love it. 

Find out more about Will here in his Facebook group: 

And grab Will's book The Happiness Gap here: 

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Did you know Facebook depression is now a thing? Social media is a modern day time phenomenon that we have to deal with daily, and for some its affecting our lives both positively, and negatively. In this episode we explore modern technology, brain hacking, emotion shifting, living our lives OUR way, and many other tangents as myself and Tom B go off script and get some stuff off our chests. 

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We all see professional athletes as unreachable; as people in a physical condition we’ll never be able to match. In fact, professional athletes are people just like us. They have just learned how to master the fundamentals – eating, sleeping, training, and thinking. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to chat to British Triathlon coaches Steve Casson and Ben Bright about how to improve on those fundamentals to help you live like an athlete, perform to a higher level, and feel better.

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It’s fair to say that most of us see triathlon as a sport that requires extreme strength and endurance, involves training long hours, and needs very expensive kit. However, the reality is different. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to dispel the myths and get advice from two people in the know – British Triathlon coaches Ben Bright and Steve Casson. We break down those clichés, show you how to get involved at any level, discuss how nothing beats working together, and explain how teamwork is a key part of the sport.  

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Am I in good shape? Am I training too much or too little? Am I pushing too hard? Why am I so tired? We’ve all asked ourselves whether our exercise and nutrition plans are actually adding to our quality of life or affecting it. In this episode, presented by Accenture, Official Partner of British Triathlon, I visit Loughborough Performance Centre to chat to British Triathlon coaches Steve Casson and Ben Bright about what being healthy really means and how to achieve wellbeing by listening to your body.

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Is Pilates and HIIT training the perfect combo to perform in the gym for optimal health and performance? What an earth is anti-dieting, and why is it empowering many women across the globe? What can you learn from pastry chef turned trainer and coach Hollie Grant, author of 'The Model Method'? Join me as I interview the awesome and inspiring lady that is Hollie Grant. 

Find out more about Hollie at: 

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This show is a rocker, with fellow podcaster Brian Keane as we discuss our paths to success as people, what we now learn and why, the personality traits we have and why, why we love BIG scary goals and how it defines us, success as a human and what it means at a deep level, Brian's journey in fitness, and much more. Check out me on Brians show at, episode 59: 

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What did I learn from my experiences in 2017? How did I stay strong and positive in light of all the pain and negativity? What would I do differently if I could turn back the clocks? What happened to my motivation to exercise during this time? Did the online attacks affect my business? In this episode I expand on episode 291, going deeper into the lessons and events that shaped who I am today. Enjoy. And thanks again for getting episode 291 to #1 on iTunes 

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2017 was the hardest year of my life, why? I spent 9 months facing bankruptcy, I got attacked more online than I've ever done to date, I got my passion beaten out of me, I lost my ability to innovate, I realised I have fear and weakness's that I thought I didn't, my health took a massive nose dive, I lost my passion to exercise, and much more. But this podcast episode isn't aimed to sit in the mud and dwell, it's aimed to reflect, reposition, repurpose, and take ACTION in 2018! 

From adversity comes great things, and it's time for my greatness to rise. What about you? 

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You know our Q&A shows are awesome, right? Well this one is.... BOOM! Why? We just cover a ton, quickly, discussing our genetic potential as humans in the gym, how to change your training based on your genetic potential, periodisation for hypertrophy and strength, our learning styles and different courses that match that, protein and how its dose and size affects metabolic rate, 6 week PT courses, and many more rambles. Enjoy. 

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When it comes to training, what is Calisthenics? Is it better than traditional gym training, and where do the theories of strength and conditioning intersect with Calisthenics, if at all? I talk to Tim and David from The School of Calisthenics in the podcasts first live 3 way show. We evolve the discuss around all things human movement, gym and outdoor training, bodyweight and much more. A top show with as much banter as knowledge gainz! 

Get their free beginners guide here: 

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What do you do if your partner isn't into fitness as much as you? How do you know if that relationship is the ONE? Are you someone who bickers with your partner over petty things, why is this, are we poor communicators, or are we not right for one another? Our relationship with our partner is one of the most important relationships we have, and optimising it will lead to more happiness in life, so it was essential I got Susan Winter, New York based TV presenter and relationship expert on to the show to blow the doors off this topic. You're going to love this show, enjoy. 

Check Susan Winter out at: 


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The human brain and human emotion is a powerful area of discussion, a topic we go deep into on this episode. We open the discussion with a debate and look at the concept of Free Will and whether it exists, and then we evolve this around my experience at Tony Robbins's 'Unleash the Power Within' event, which for me, was life changing. How? Why? What did I learn? What is hidden in the brain and the gap between free will and conscious thought? What makes us who we are? Find out in Episode 287. Enjoy. 

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Did you watch the Netflix documentary 'What the Health'? Did it get you worried? Well in this podcast episode with Joseph Agu we look at the data around the show, whether meat and protein is bad, whether we should be afraid of eggs and dairy, and then what is considered ideal for a gym, protein and building muscle perspective, looking at both plant and animal protein sources. Oh, and musings of crossfit, training intensity, critical thinking, injury rates and pre-bed protein intakes. Enjoy. 

Check Joseph out at: 

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Is motivation this magical thing that some have and some don't? Maybe, but there is a whole system to developing the mindset to unstoppable motivation, so much so that it's then purely a habit. Join myself and Sal Di Stefano as we delve into motivation, the psychology of being fit, aesthetics vs health and fitness as we age, the problems we see in fitness today, and much more. 

Check out Sal and Mind Pump at: 

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Do you have fears around your health, food, progress and life in general? This is the episode for you. Myself and Tom discuss the issues people have around food and why, how we can start to alleviate some of the anxiety around food and become more comfortable with it in our lives, why the social aspect of food is key, how this links to our fear of progress and failure in life, and much more. In this show Ben talks a lot from personal experience, and possibly gets a little deep. Enjoy. 

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Are your actions led by ego? This is all too common in fitness and bodybuilding. I talk to Lee about his many years in fitness, bodybuilding and competing. We cover his journey from Karate to bodybuilding, to now accepting and leading a life of balance. We discuss drugs in fitness, mindset, plant based nutrition, and more. An honest chat with a super honest, super humble guy. 

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Can hormones make you gain weight, or stop you from losing weight? I'm joined by PCOS Nutritionist Claire Goodwin as we discuss her background as a competitive athlete and how her weight was never a simple equation of calories in vs calories out. When does basic black and white science not explain someones weight, and what do we do about it? What hormones are key in this process, and how do they work? Find out in today's show, and check out Claire at: 

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When it comes to food & nutrition, why do we do what we do? How do we know when our nutrition or our environment needs to change for a more positive outcome? Could our relationship be a point of friction in optimal dietary outcome? When were presented with a physical problem, like eczema, what do we do, and why? Optimal human health is a right for all, but what steps are limiting factors in us achieving it? Join myself & Tom Bainbridge to find out. 

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What does a new dad do when he wants to train for a fight? Train for it, that's what. Simon Herbert is a fighter, newly appointed dad, gym owner, coach and nutritionist. An expert juggler of all the above with a history of irritable bowel disease we discuss his journey, the battles old and new, not accepting his fate when told be needed a colostomy bag, and how to optimise training and nutrition for a busy and demanding lifestyle. Enjoy. 

And give Simon a follow on Instagram and Facebook 'Simon Herbert' 

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Clean Eating Alice is now Alice Liveing, but why, what happened? In this amazing interview with Alice Liveing we uncover her recent journey of nutritional and fitness change, the journey that took her into this world of Instagram fitness with 3 best selling books, the lessons she has learnt, the pro's and con's of social media, what she hopes for the future of fitness, and more. An inspiring and ranty podcast, you'll love it. 

Check out Alice's books on Amazon and her amazing work on social media 'Alice Liveing'. 

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Can we push too hard and not make progress? How much is too much? This is the problematic area of fitness, knowing whether you are doing too much, or not enough. The reality is it's very personal, but in this show we explore building muscle, training to extremes, and how to juggle all this with what we coin as 'life'. 

Check out my work at:


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Want to know who the real Bear Grylls is? This man, Les Stroud. Over 70 episodes where he goes into the wild to survive on his TV show 'Survivorman' that he films himself. Les Stroud joins me on the show to discuss his diet at home and in the world, how he keeps fit, what nature does to the human body and mind, why he programs yoga into his training, why he fasts, what he thinks of veganism seeing as you can't be vegan in the wild, and much more.

Les was an awesome, humble, entertaining guest, with a ton of stories to share. 

Check out Les here: 

And join his new network: 

Grab one of his books on Amazon! 

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Hazel Wallace, Doctor & Trainer, aka the Food Medic joins me to discuss... In a world of lifestyle related diseases, do we appreciate BOTH the value of food and medicine? Do we need to be more aligned to have more impact in the world? And, is the fitness industry part of the problem, especially as we tend to point the finger at the NHS and the EatWell plate for being 'not so perfect'. But, is it REALLY that bad? Are we propagating the confusion around nutrition? 

A fascinating discussion with a lady doing great things in the world of food, nutrition and medicine. Grab a copy of her book and follow her here: 

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This week we coach someone and go into detail on a real case study discussing calorie and nutrient intake, the application of science and how real world feedback changes our approach, phobias and how to alleviate anxiety with data, calculating energy expenditure, the true definition of evidence based practice, reverse dieting, and much more (including my new favourite recipe). Oh, and I'm with yours truly Mr Tom Bainbridge from the BTN Academy, online nutrition course provider. 

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Getting strong in the gym is easy, what about outside the gym? Molly Galbraith has a global movement called GIRLS GONE STRONG, and she's inspired 1000's to accept their bodies and move from strength to strength physically and mentally. But how? What happens if the road is troubled, loved ones pass away, we experience break ups, and injure ourselves? It's all happened to Molly, so you can learn from someone who has developed strength when they have felt their lowest, even when they appeared strong fro the outside by everyone else. 

I chat to Molly about her past and how her strength evolved, how the world is keeping us weak, why learning about an evidenced based approach is key, her history with competing in physique competitions and bodybuilding, where her thoughts lie on the fat shaming debate, why we must accept who we are but continually move forward, where she finds strength now, and MUCH more. Molly was a top guest, ladies, you're going to learn a ton and be inspired. 

Enjoy, And you can find Molly and her work here: 

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What is the future of fitness? See, trends come and go in fitness, but principals don't, but what are these principals? What does the future hold? I interview fitness legend Lou Schuler, author of the book series 'The new rules of lifting', as well as many more published books. At over 60 years of age, Lou has seen a lot in fitness, all after picking up his first dumbbell set at age 13. Since then he's been through the times, and seen it all, so what can we learn from a fitness legend. Find out, join me and Lou on the show as we explore past, present, and the future of fitness. 

Direct download: Podcast_273_-_Lou_Schuler_.mp3
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Life throws SO much sh*t at us, but, how can it makes us stronger? How can we build greater resilience and become battle proof? Myself and Tom explore a ton of topics this week including high oestrogen levels, training parameters, stress, energy burn, why doing the washing up settles the body and brain, and more fitness musings. A show you won't regret giving 35 minutes up for, promise! 

Check us out on social 'Ben Coomber' and you can follow Tom's musings by following 'Body Type Nutrition'. 

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What diet is best, and when? I explore this controversial topic with Menno Henselmans from Bayesain BodyBuilding, discussing high carb diets, low carb diets, keto, and when these should be applied for HIIT training, body building, strength training, sport, or a mix of disciplines, discussing Menno's approach to nutrition himself, and with his clients. A fascinating show that will give you a lot of clarity on your own nutrition and training, and force you to be a more critical thinking yourself. 

Discover Menno at: 


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When we look to master our body, what does this actually mean? If you didn't have any weights, bands, plates, nothing, how would you exercise? And if we only had our body weight, could you maintain your muscle mass, or could you even build muscle mass? And what role does cardio play around this? In this episode we explore body weight training, weight training, volume, load, stimulus, and other topics around building the physical side of our body. 

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When a 100m hurdle sprint athlete retires, what do they do? Turn to food, of course, but in a good way. In this episode I discuss life as a retired athlete with Derval O'Rourke (Olympian), how her life has now changed with her training and nutrition, what life looked like back then, how much training is effective for the body you want, how food can be an exciting journey of taste if we let it, the differences between men and women and achieving goals, and much more. 

Check out Dervals latest book on Amazon: 

Register for her new 10 day plan: 

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Got mental blocks that you can't break through? Perhaps it's the way you think, the way you are wired, your up bringing, and just how you feel about yourself. Either way, the way you think and act might be holding you back. Chris interviews me on my take on mental road blocks, and I give my formula for breaking through your mental blocks with a fresh and new perspective. It's time to progress, once and for all, enjoy! 

Find Chris on Twitter here: 

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What do you do in the gym, and why? What should you do as a warm up, cool down, and the bulk of the session? What can we learn from crossfit and other systems of training? In this episode we explore Andy's WRAPS system of training and explore the essential components of a workout with purpose. We also discuss the character traits that leads to a confident trainee, along with many other ramblings and musings. 

Check out Combined Strength: 

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The answers are often staring us in the face, but are we being objective enough to see them. Our diet, our training, the macros we eat, the stress in our lives, its all there, we just need to see it. Tom and I conquer 3 key listeners questions today that force us to cover a ton of ground on a lot of topics surrounding diet, hormones, training, food volume, food prep, stress, the dynamics of coaching and human health, and more, this episode is info packed. Enjoy. 

Link to our online nutrition course: 

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