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Should we be concerned with environmental Oestrogen? Do you know all the ways it creeps into our diet? There are 10 top offenders, and in this informative podcast with Dr Anthony G Jay, we uncover the dangers of Oestrogens and what we can do about it. For the purpose of your own research, the top 10 list we discussed are: 

1. Phytoestrogens 

2. Mycoestrogens 

3. Atrazine 

4. Triclosan & APE's 

5. BP & 4-MBC 

6. Red Numbers 3 & 40 

7. Parabens 

8. Phthalates 

9. BPA & BPS 

10. EE2 

The link to the discussed research on Soy is here: 


To find out more about Dr Jay's work visit: 

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