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Ladies, want 10 steps to ultimate success with your body and mind? Then this show is for you, and yes, guys can learn a TON here too. In this show I discuss Aldine's 10 steps to success system, covering her mindset essentials, her training essentials, and nutrition essentials for ultimate body and mind success, and there will be quite a few steps that surprise you, it's not a basic, drink water, eat real food guide, we're way beyond that here on Ben Coomber Radio. 

Aldine has a refreshing take on body confidence and progressing with your health, so if you want a bit more of that in your life, then this show is for you. Her message has now been featured by Woman's Health & the BBC, so she knows what she's talking about. Enjoy. Check out Aldine at: 

Facebook: Aldine Preisner
Facebook Group: Learn to Lift
Instagram: @aldine_preisner_pt 
Twitter: @AldinePT

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