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No Anna, just Ben, a quick 8 minute message, but in terms of having the best 2013 possible this could be the most improtant 8 minutes you take..... Enjoy xmass. 

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This week Ben talks to special guest and fellow Body Type Nutrition coach Richard Sennewald. Rich is a competing strongman, trainer and holds a degree in human chemistry, basically he's one clever dude. We chat training, nutriiton, contest eating, troubles with coaching people, books we recommend, and both chat while plying outselves with lots of coffee and coconut oil. Enjoy. 

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The normal show resumes, but gets off to a racy start. Me and Anna talk about sex, poo, carb back-loading, staying in shape while travelling, if spinning is any good for weight loss, the use of probiotics and new data, whether you need carbs during the day for a manual labour job, and one giant question that just about encompasses every health topic known to man, it's an epic one! 

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This week see's guest Phil Learney from and London based gym Ultimate Performance (UP). I am a big fan of Phil and his work and thoughts about health, nutrition, training and the fitness industry. Me and Phil talk about his journey, his views, how he works, his opinions on female fat loss, insulin and cortisol, training volume and intensity, nutritional concepts that are often forgotten, and what type of aftershave he wears. Enjoy! 

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Me and Anna are back with some action packed questions. We talk about the Precision Nutrition eating system and habit change, the effect that carbohydrates have on muscle volume and its relation to a recent experiment I did after being critisised by a fellow fit pro, how to manage diet intake when working shifts, not liking fruit and vegetables and what to do about it (man up), oh and anna's new protein xmass cook book. We even manage a few jokes! 

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This week I get James Monk back on the show to talk about Intermittent Fasting. This week we answer more specific quesitons surrounding IF from listeners that wrote in. How to work IF around training specifics, macros, calories, backloading carbs and more. Action packed show, the longest yet at 65 minutes. 

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Ben and Anna discuss fruits and vegetables, and if there are any we should avoid, a nutrition plan for the injured or someone that can't exercise, Ben goes on a rant about nutrition 'advisors' that preach that calories and macros are all that count, and some banter along the way. 

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Guest show talking about intermittent fasting with James Monk. James is a close friend of mine and in my circles an expert on all things fasting. James researches heavily in the area of fasting and psychology and I am pleased that he is on the show. We talk IF and it's many forms, how to make it work for you, when it doesn't work, why it isn't working, the science, IF and women, and then chat about our general thoughts on nutrition and training with a healthy slice of the deep and meaningful at the end. After all, if your head isn't in the right place, does anything else even matter? 

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Ben and Anna hit up episode 5 talking about what kind of milk is best to consume and the best of the bunch when it comes to alternative milk, what supplements are a complete waste of money and why, when the best time to consume low GI carbs are and their integration in and around exercise, application of carb cycling, how to improve sleep especially when you have young kids, and an idea for a halloween style pudding for a dinner party. Hopefully with some banter thrown in for good measure. 

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Another nutritionally packed show, me and Anna talk about the '4 hour body' diet and is it healthy, training for the endomorph body type, my 5 favorite nutrition books and why information is so different amongst various fitness professionals. Anna continues to give me a hard time, esepcially on my intro.... 

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