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This show is our Xmas present to you, we take the podcast off in a tangent and talk about some random topics, largely mine and Anna's business's and how we have developed and grown them and what we have learnt on the journey in the fitness industry, and what we would do differently. 

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It's a gut and optimal health special today with guests Wilde Performance. Cliff and Martha share their stories on what got them so interested in the gut via their personal circumstances. We talk the gut, food, inflammation, probotics, symptoms, leaky gut, gut periability, and making yourself feel AWESOME. 

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Layne Norton is back on the show for part 2 ahead of releasing our UK tour dates. I talk to Layne about his PHAT model of training for increasing performance and body composition. I am a big fan of PHAT training having done it a lot in the past, so to interview Layne on this template was awesome. To see all the details of our UK tour visit: 

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Special guest Rachel Guy aka the Athletic Fox is on todays show for a female focused show. We talk about her journey, why she does what she does, the differences in eating for fat loss and muscle in gain in women, fat loss training programs, the pros and cons of cardio and the different types, her favorite lifts and foods, and I release my international seminar tour with Phil Learney. Rachel's links: and 

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Elliott Hulse is todays special guest. Me and Elliott take a trip down the rabbit whole and go metaphysical. We talk about, what the mind can do, what people stop themselves from doing, the essence of life and the way we are moulded by society and its effect on EVERYTHING we do, identifying weakness and building stronger, what elliots 3 year goals are, and why it's important to play.

Find out more on Elliott at and hook him up on his awesome youtube channels: 'Strength Camp' and 'Elliott Said what' - get on Elliot's facebook and twitter, oodles of awesome content. 

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A kick-ass episode with me and Anna in full force on your questions. We rant about the fitness industry, re-visit the use of coconut oil in Alzheimers Disease, talk about vegetarianism and fasting, getting back to training after sciatica, Amennohrea and why, children and gastric band surgery, can paleo help diabetes, ketogenic fasting and fat adaptation. 

Links to AD research as promised: Paper 1 - Web URL info - Dr Mary PDF Review

Visit me at - Visit Anna at

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England rugby star James Haskell is back on Ben Coomber Radio. We have a laugh and chat about freezing your leg, James new diet, eating for recovery, individualised nutrition, his top 3 supplements, benefits of coconut oil, red trousers and skinny jeans, marriage proposals and his pre game meal. 

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We are one year old, episode 52, WooooHOooo! Me and Anna celebrate with a hip hip HORAAH and then get our teeth stuck into your questions and have a giggle. In this episode we talk about calories and the dangers of going too low with marathon training, how to train and eat in the off season for rugby when trying to gain muscle, MTC fats in alzheimers and inflammatory conditions, how to get rid of asthma, what to do if you are not gaining muscle, and what is peri workout nutrition.

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Special guest Rehan Jalali is on the show. Rehan is a trainer to the stars in Hollywood, but also one of the industries more credible guys and insanely knowledgable. He's been around a while and in that time consulted and built more bodies and supplements than most of us put together. He's one celebrity trainer who get's my respect. We talk about hollywood, Rehan's career, body composition, supplements, body building, all sorts, its action packed and I revel in Rahan's awesome humour.

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Me and Anna are back with an action packed show. Although we intended for this to be a big Q&A show we pick up on a good topic that is important to us both and ended up discussing for a while, the importance of body image, self belief, and confidence and its connotations in the fitness industry. We do eventually get to some questions, but not many, we rant for too long. Check me out at and Anna out at 

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