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Ben and Anna are back with a full fat show answering your questions. We delve deep into nutrition and have some fun along the way. 

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Ru Anderson joins me on the show for a performance and body composition geek fest. We chat about his sexy accent, his background, then delve into using fasting, carb back-loading and other principals for optimising health and body composition. We then run our thoughts over 5 listener questions and get nutrition dirty. 

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Me and Anna are back, action packed show talking about some very specific case studies that peolpe wrote in with. Listen, learn, share and enjoy Anna's 'I'm ill" voice, halarious. 

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Fantastic show this week with guest Lucy C Doyle, a favorite and valued client / friend of mine. We go deep and talk about all the issues women face in losing weight; fear, dogma, poor information, expectation, guilt. I love this episode, I think it's inspiring, heartfelt, real and honest, I just hope many women take the time to listen to it. 

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Me and Anna are back with an action and knowledge packed episode. We swear the questions are getting longer and longer so buckle down for the ride. We talk about protein powders and female weight loss, argue some more about protein powders, calorie and macro tracking, breaking a fast and gut pain, eating for injury, paleo eating and all the expected waffle and banter. Enjoy 

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