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Me and Anna are back with your questions. Talking shop and having a laugh, 1st I have a rant about Herbalife and Body by Vi, then we move on to questions. We address training load and losing fat, arthritis and helping via the diet, futhering your knowledge with nutrition and getting a foot in the door in the industry, dieting without the muscle loss, should we take BCAA's with fasted training, the best fat loss methods for a females body type, what I do on game day when it comes to rugby, and a shout to the 6 new coaches now working with me for Body Type Nutrition. 

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Me and Anna are back with some very English accents, a show rammed full of nutrition and health chat. We talk about high protein diets and bone mineral density, how to work with friends and family when you want them to change their ways, how you might go about getting from 10% body fat to 6% body fat, why all calories are not the same, to fine tune a females training and diet to get more weight loss when getting very lean. Oh, and the last 5 minutes I talk to a guy who used surgery to positively impact his health and well-being by removing the glands and fat from his chest. Enjoy :)

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This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Aoife Mac Intyre, a disordered eating specialist. We talk about binge eating, anorexia, the pitfalls and problems with fitness competing, emotional eating, and everything in-between. Aoife brings a professional yet heart felt perspective to the issues and we crank out some awesome tips and perspective. 

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