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Special guest James Clear joins me on the show. James is an all American baseball pro, coach, photographer, entrepreneur, and all round awesome dude. We talk about pro sport in america, tackling your goals in life like a pro athlete, how to build your life to be the way you want it, nutrition protocols and their individual merit, habit change, intermittent fasting, changing the variables when it comes to chasing optimal body composition, lifestyle design, all with a healthy dose of international banter. 

Want more, James made a unique link for listeners of the show with some awesome content:

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Me and Anna are back after a whirlwind Body Power Expo 2013, we start with some fitness industry chat and thank you's and then delve straight into your questions, this week we cover life skills and the importance of learning new ways to do things, Intermittent Fasting as a stress on the body, manipulating macros to hit goals, how many cups of coffee you should drink, how to be a better conditioned athlete, switching the variables for greater muscle gain, and why IF and too much training sucks for women. 

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Me and Richard Sennewald are back with a Radio 2 style nutrition masterclass (Rich's voice is like silk). We talk a lot, another long show covering nutrition strategies for 15 year old playing sport, a fat dad who's lost the will to carry on, what is inflammation and what foods cause it, is grass fed butter good and can people with dairy intolerance handle it, how we can sleep better at night when the diet and lifestyle seem to be in check, getting fat adapted with endurnace events, nutrition for weight loss post pregnancy. 

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It's an action packed Q&A show, Anna is away so Rich Sennewald my fellow BTN coach fills in. We talk about why someone might not be losing weight and suspected metapolic damage, the growth of Body Type Nutrition and what has worked over the years in it's success, protein powders and there sweetener content, why someone should be inspired by their PT and the motivational reason people have to exercise and diet, why the Poliquin meat and nut breakfast can suck, training in the early morning, healthy eating as a lifestyle, and a few laughs and rants. 

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I have a very special guest with me in Podcast 31, a mentor and all round super knowledgable guy Raj Bhachu from Raj is based in London and spends his days doing amazing things with people in his clinic. We talk about obesity, stress of the modern world, environmental toxins, nutrition, fixing the gut, this is a show rammed with practical take home knowledge. 

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