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Today I talk to special guest Andy McKenzie, aka Iron Mac Fitness. Pre warning, this is an explicit show. Andy is a strength coach that I highly respect and love his take and perspective on training and life. We talk about training variables, the importance of developing a base from body weight training, earning the right to progress, ideal program structure, have a piss and a moan about issues in the fitness industry, and look at his personal road back from a major back injury. Another epic show with an epic guest. 

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During a trip to Northern Ireland I collar Phil Graham, competitive body builder, for an hours nutrition, health and fitness chat. Phil was a fascinating guest. At only 25 Phil is one of the go to trainers in Ireland, and runs one of the best gyms I've ever been to, Rockpit Fitness. We talk about Phil's journey, being a body builder with type 1 diabetes, the sport, peoples perception of what it takes to get in great shape, his diet, the benefits of ketosis, how to get big, and of course we atempt to be funny along the way. 

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