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Layne Norton is my special guest this week. I am a huge fan of Layne's work and it was a pleasure to delve into his history and his views on nutrition and health. We talk about metabolic damage, living lifting as a lifestyle, the issues with females dieting, clean and dirty food, body building, and the whole contest prep scenario. Me and Layne will be touring the UK next year together in May, stay tuned for a follow up podcast for full details. Check all Layne's work at 

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A rant and knowledge bomb filled show with guest Alex Ferentinos. Alex is a fellow UK nutritionist , strength coach and all round stand up guy (oh, and he plays rugby). I quiz alex about is journey, his opinions in the world of nutrition, what annoys him in the fitness industry, and then we delve deep into some topics such as rice as a carb source, gut health, glycogen repletion, late night eating, scientific findings and much more. And we endevor to have a good slice of banter along the way.





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Very exciting guest on the show. For a while Ben Coomber Radio has been the #1 show on iTunes in the UK health & fitness catagory, this week I have the #1 show from America, The Fat Burning Man Abel James. We talk about Abel's journey, what health really means, paleo nutrition, what is paleo, are people mis-guided on what it takes to be successful, and building the life that you want to live. Abel was an amazing guest, you are going to love this show. 

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Big fan of todays guest, I speak to John Meadows aka 'The Mountain Dog Diet'. We talk about his growth in the sport of body building, his story, then we talk training, nutrition, suppplements, recovery and all the things a hardcore gym goer needs to consider in the journey to asthetic design. 

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This week is an abs special as I talk to a naked man, model Stephen Box. I quiz stephen on how he stays lean all year round, his views on health and coaching people, and his favorite choice of underwear. We release a competition, and then I quiz Richard Sennewald, a fellow Body Type Nutrition coach on some topics, shift workers, rehab, intolerances, almond milk, and the best supplement in the world. 

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