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Special guest Brian St Pierre is on today's show. Brian is part of the Precision Nutrition team based in Canada. Precision Nutrition are a company that I have a lot of respect for in shaping how the fitness industry has evolved over the last 5 years with both their lean eating coaching program and their nutrition courses for personal trainers. Me and Brian discuss the industry, Precision Nutrition as a business, fitness industry trends, fitness marketing, eating being a busy dad and generally chew the fat on many topics. 

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Me and Anna Sward from Protein Pow get stuck into your questions. This week we talk about Tim Ferris's 4 hour body book and his PAGG stack for insulin sensitivity, Dave Asprey's bulletproof coffee, sugar - carbs - and being a veggie, what exercise rep ranges are best for fast fat loss, what's wrong with a guy eating 2000 Kcals to gain weight, and is 4 cups of coffee a day bad. Check out me at and Anna at

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Elliott Hulse is todays special guest. Me and Elliott take a trip down the rabbit whole and go metaphysical. We talk about, what the mind can do, what people stop themselves from doing, the essence of life and the way we are moulded by society and its effect on EVERYTHING we do, identifying weakness and building stronger, what elliots 3 year goals are, and why it's important to play.

Find out more on Elliott at and hook him up on his awesome youtube channels: 'Strength Camp' and 'Elliott Said what' - get on Elliot's facebook and twitter, oodles of awesome content. 

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A kick-ass episode with me and Anna in full force on your questions. We rant about the fitness industry, re-visit the use of coconut oil in Alzheimers Disease, talk about vegetarianism and fasting, getting back to training after sciatica, Amennohrea and why, children and gastric band surgery, can paleo help diabetes, ketogenic fasting and fat adaptation. 

Links to AD research as promised: Paper 1 - Web URL info - Dr Mary PDF Review

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England rugby star James Haskell is back on Ben Coomber Radio. We have a laugh and chat about freezing your leg, James new diet, eating for recovery, individualised nutrition, his top 3 supplements, benefits of coconut oil, red trousers and skinny jeans, marriage proposals and his pre game meal. 

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