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Today I am recording live from the Move Eat Treat annual summit. It's time to help create change with the UK's health and obesity problems and I am asking you for your help. Today I talk about how we can change, help others with on the ground projects and create momentum. I interview several guests of the summit that are experts in their field. Here are the links from the show: 

Move Eat Treat, sign the petition: 

Intelligent healths beatbox:

Green apple lifestyle kids program: 

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Today we are ranting and knowledge bombing all over the place. Me and Anna from talk through your questions. I start by ranting about coffee consumption and the devil being in the dose, we then chat about what to do when you are into eating well and exercising and your partner isn't, men still trying to do Intermittent Fasting and go to battle at the same time, how many carbs is ideal for a female concerned with body comp, food intolerance testing and accuracy, why eating as much as possible is awesome, and is having low amounts of body hair linked to building muscle. Enjoy the show... 

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Special guest Rachel Guy aka the Athletic Fox is on todays show for a female focused show. We talk about her journey, why she does what she does, the differences in eating for fat loss and muscle in gain in women, fat loss training programs, the pros and cons of cardio and the different types, her favorite lifts and foods, and I release my international seminar tour with Phil Learney. Rachel's links: and 

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It's time to talk about TDT, it's finally come to that point where I can let the secret drop. Me and Anna have a chat and then talk about the journey that made TDT and what it is. We then answer some questions in the usual fashion, talking about books on gluten, fuelling for performance in someone that plays basketball, and eating lower quality food and it's potential impact on health. Anna's site is and I am 

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