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This show is our Xmas present to you, we take the podcast off in a tangent and talk about some random topics, largely mine and Anna's business's and how we have developed and grown them and what we have learnt on the journey in the fitness industry. 

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#64 - Q&A show with Anna Sward

Anna and I are back in full swing in our christmas special of banter and knowledge. Me and Anna discuss training in the gym and how to know if you are training hard enough, muscle soreness, caffeine consumption and my recent experiment, dead fat, John Meadows' pre-workout meal, freeze dried coffee and probiotic drinks. 

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It's a gut and optimal health special today with guests Wilde Performance. Cliff and Martha share their stories on what got them so interested in the gut via their personal circumstances. We talk the gut, food, inflammation, probotics, symptoms, leaky gut, gut periability, and making yourself feel AWESOME. 

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Layne Norton is back on the show for part 2 ahead of releasing our UK tour dates. I talk to Layne about his PHAT model of training for increasing performance and body composition. I am a big fan of PHAT training having done it a lot in the past, so to interview Layne on this template was awesome. To see all the details of our UK tour visit: 

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