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When it comes to BIG change, where do we start? If we have a lot of weight to lose, a big journey to embark on, where do we start? Do we start with diet, food, sleep, calorie counting, exercise, alcohol? This can often be an overwhelming journey, standing at the bottom of a mountain that seems too big to climb, well, today's show is just me and the microphone, a solo show, all about where to start when it comes to big change and making the 1st steps to a new you. Please share this show with someone that is currently overwhelmed with their journey ahead of them.... 

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Ben Esgro is todays special guest as we dive into the world of training periodisation. For years body part splits have been the norm, but should we be doing something different? Ben and I discuss the pros and cons of lifting for strength, and lifting for hypertrophy, and where the line is drawn for different people. We also discuss Ben's journey, programming for Layne Norton, getting blood work done, the differences between males and females lifting, training twice per day, occlusion training, and what to do when at a powerlifting meet. 
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The man behind Stop Chasing Pain, Perry Nickleston, joins me to talk about movement, pain, stability, and why we live for years with the same issues we've always had. We talk about Perry's journey, what 'Stop Chasing Pain' is all about and it's core message, why the term 'movement never lies' is so important and why movement needs to be our assessment tool, his assessment process, how to train stability when there is no mobility, the inclusion of mobility in training programs, and getting over the mental side of injury. 

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The podcast gets a change of pace this week with me being interviewed by Will Foster, The Happiness Coach. Will delves into everything that I do, my story, my journey, my opinions on various different areas of health, nutrition, performance, dieting, the socialisation of food, the influence of others, inner strength, the benefits of sport, why people are angry so much, why you need to be more selfish, mindset and how to have a big and meaningful life. I thought a change of pace would be welcomed, so I hope you enjoy the show. 

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Aggressive dieting is the top topic this week as me and Rachel Guy grace your ears again for another bonza Q&A style episode. We also talk about testosterone supplements, menstrual cycles, when coaching is appropriate in someone‚Äôs dieting journey, the problem with eating too many vegetables, pimping your health with an unlimited budget, and more. 

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Why can't we change? What holds us back? We know what to do, but we just can't quite do it. Kori Propst joins me on the show to talk about the in-built psychological barriers that we as humans have that stop us reaching our goals. We find solutions as to what you can do to turn this around, breaching topics of binge eating, goal setting, knowing why you are doing something, the practicalities of motivation, and being in control. 

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Nake Miyaki is this weeks special guest as we discuss the many areas of health, performance and bodybuilding that are hotly debated. We discuss Nate's work and history in the industry, his methods as a coach, what he thinks of the 80/20 rule, the importance of calorie and macronutrient targets, losing strength while dieting, is there such a thing as a bad carb, benefits of flexible dieting, low carb dieting and whether it's necessary, and whether paleo nutrition and bodybuilding nutrition should be seperate camps, or can we learn ideas and prinicpals from both for better results. 

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Steroids in the fitness industry is a big problem, it's more widespread than people realise, and many coaches are claiming they are not using steroids when they are, so what results can people honestly beleive in? We rant about steriod use in the fitness world, get jiggy with peoples calorie intakes in a sports nutrition environment, close the door on IBS, the price of fresh vegetables and nutritional value, when is the right time to start chasing your dreams, and the antioxidant benefit of decaffeinated coffee. 

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A common argument in the fitness world is that you cannot train for endurance and power / strength at the same time. Alex Viana is my special guest on podcast 107, a man showing you that it can be done as he and his clients are living proof. We talk about programming for concomitant endurance and power training in any given week, nutrition and supplementation around this, the biggest mistakes people make, a journey back from injury, suffering from an eating disorder, and achieving big things. 

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The Minimalist's are my special guest today, two men preeching a movement of streamlining your life so only the important things are in it. We discuss what Minimalism is, how the movement came about in Ryan's world, how this relates to you being fit and healthy, how to acheive more balance in your life, why everyones goal is to be a millionnaire yet it's often a mountain too high to climb, and how to bring more happiness into your life for more friends, family, and the things that matter. 

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Cystic Fibrosis is today's talking point as I talk to Ben Mudge, a CF sufferer who has defied the odds and become a personal trainer and physique competitor. We talk about Cystic Fibrosis, what it is, how he manages CF while being in incredible shape, what his diet is like and how he trains, and ultimately how all this enables him to manage his CF far better. 

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Mark Coles of M10 Fitness in Nottingham is this weeks guest. Mark and I go deep into the world of personal and client psychology, the mindset you need to cultivate a winning physique and a successful fitness business, building a successful personal training business, the pros and cons of owning a gym, where he started his journey, how it evolved and where it took him, how to find and get the best out of hiring personal trainers, and why thinking budget means average in life. 

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Rhonda Patrick Phd joins me on the show for a knowledge heavy episode on micronutrients and there role in health and disease. We talk about vitamin E, Vitamin C, magnesium, energy production, the expression of cancer, gene expression, cellular metabolism, the mitochondria, and how the science if often a confounding issue. You can find Rhonda's work at and mine at 

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CT Fletcher joins me on the show for an uncensored, raw and honest show on his journey in the world of weight lifting. We talk about his past, what motivates him, his opinions on the world of fitness today, his inspiration, what fuels negativity online, how his diet changed after heart surgery, his intuitive approach to training, is there such a thing as over training, and 'what does Junior Miles say'? 

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Ali Jawad is today's special guest, an inspirational guy with bags of knowlege and humour. Ali is the world record bench press champion in his weight class, <59kg. He is on the road to Rio and talks to me about his journey, how he bench presses with no legs, the tips that get him such a big bench, how he got into powerfilting, why he had to quit judo, how getting diagnosed with chrones changed everything, how adversity has affected him, and what his diet looks like now. Check out Ali and his workshops at 

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Serene Husseini is my special guest this week. Serene is a gym owner and contest prep coach. Serene and I talk about the issues with female dieting, the dangers of low calorie diets, whether to do cardio or HIIT training, how to set up a diet, reverse dieting into a competition, how her training differs throughout the year, how her diet changes when coming up to a competition, and what her plans are for the future. 

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Emma Storey-Gordon is this weeks special guest, we talk about what training she personally does, how she operates as a coach, what got her into the industry, what is fitness to her, her degree in fitness, and what kind of cuppa she likes. 

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Matt Miller is today's special guest. Matt is the hit of UK TV series 'Fat Fighters', and an all round hero in the fitness industry. Matt and I talk about his journey over from California, what fitness means to him, his involvement in the Olympics legacy, a lesson in life and business with his fitness edge at The Gym Box London, why the fitness industry is always chasing its tale, and why we love what we do. 

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Me and Rachel are back with a Q&A packed show, we talk about changes in bowel movements when you change your diet to be healthier, what to eat when on an endurance challenge like the 3 peaks and how to fill lose skin. 

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John Kiefer is today's special guest on the podcast, we talk everything Carb Back-Loading. We explore the merits of CBL, what it is, the proposed physiology behind it, how to use it, whether fasting with CBL is optimal for muscle building, if junk food is still a mainstay in the protocol, how old fat cells respond in over-feeding, and the use of caffeine post workout. Check out John's work at 

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#74 - Michael Heppell - Success coach

Michael Heppell is today's special guest. We talk about success and how to cultivate it, what is holding you back, the mindset of being someone brilliant, and why it is important to ask for help. Michael has worked for major companies such as Microsoft, IBM, O2, Pizza Hut and the BBC. Visit Michael's website to find out more and enter his freebie we talk about: 

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Today is mine and Anna's last show together, before we say goodbye to Anna as she heads off to carry on her Kapowcast we hit a massive Q&A. We talk about my coffee addiction, or lack of now I am caffeine free, what rep range to train in when on a fat loss program, what to do when injury holds you back, the root cause of sweet cravings when dieting, no responders with ergogenic aids and whether to take whey protein or BCAA's. 

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Dr Tom O'Bryan is this weeks special guest and it's an incredible show. We go deep into gut health, Dr Tom's personal journey and why he got so interested in Gluten, disease, optimal health and toxicity. Enjoy some story telling, some hard facts, some incredible knowledge, and ultimately learn off an incredibly intelligent guy. Dr Tom will also be over in the UK this spring with some talks, head over to: 

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Today's show is a big mix of topics, first I talk to a cancer survivor and learn how diet played a key role in beating his cancer, then I make a few key announcements, then finally I talk about how myself and Ben Gray plan to reverse the issues surround diets and create a new slimming club like weight watchers with our new venture Ditch the Diet by talking to one of the women from the original pilot group. 

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Rachel Guy is back on the show, another one for the ladies. Today we talk about training to stay small and lean while weight training, why women are very unlikely to get bulky lifting weights, why both cardio and HIIT are importnat, is creatine safe for women to use, and a whole host of important info for women looking to get in the best shape of their lives. 

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Martin Rooney is this weeks special guest. I had this show all planned out and that crazy ass dude turned it all on it's head, in a good way. I had a list of questions for Martin and we went off on a beautiful tanget about life, his journey with the iron, business, motivating others, warrior training, a thing called the 'Mantathlon' and loads of other cool talking points. 

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Chris Kresser is this weeks special guest. I have been a big fan of Chris's work for some time, blending nutrition and medical science together to help people on a very specific level. In this episode we talk about cholesterol & heart disease, gut permiability, strategise for optimal health, and then explore the reasons why he wrote his new book 'Your Personal Paleo Code'. You can grab a copy of the book at: 

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