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Rachel Guy is back on the show, another one for the ladies. Today we talk about training to stay small and lean while weight training, why women are very unlikely to get bulky lifting weights, why both cardio and HIIT are importnat, is creatine safe for women to use, and a whole host of important info for women looking to get in the best shape of their lives. 

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Martin Rooney is this weeks special guest. I had this show all planned out and that crazy ass dude turned it all on it's head, in a good way. I had a list of questions for Martin and we went off on a beautiful tanget about life, his journey with the iron, business, motivating others, warrior training, a thing called the 'Mantathlon' and loads of other cool talking points. 

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Chris Kresser is this weeks special guest. I have been a big fan of Chris's work for some time, blending nutrition and medical science together to help people on a very specific level. In this episode we talk about cholesterol & heart disease, gut permiability, strategise for optimal health, and then explore the reasons why he wrote his new book 'Your Personal Paleo Code'. You can grab a copy of the book at: 

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