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#74 - Michael Heppell - Success coach

Michael Heppell is today's special guest. We talk about success and how to cultivate it, what is holding you back, the mindset of being someone brilliant, and why it is important to ask for help. Michael has worked for major companies such as Microsoft, IBM, O2, Pizza Hut and the BBC. Visit Michael's website to find out more and enter his freebie we talk about: 

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Today is mine and Anna's last show together, before we say goodbye to Anna as she heads off to carry on her Kapowcast we hit a massive Q&A. We talk about my coffee addiction, or lack of now I am caffeine free, what rep range to train in when on a fat loss program, what to do when injury holds you back, the root cause of sweet cravings when dieting, no responders with ergogenic aids and whether to take whey protein or BCAA's. 

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Dr Tom O'Bryan is this weeks special guest and it's an incredible show. We go deep into gut health, Dr Tom's personal journey and why he got so interested in Gluten, disease, optimal health and toxicity. Enjoy some story telling, some hard facts, some incredible knowledge, and ultimately learn off an incredibly intelligent guy. Dr Tom will also be over in the UK this spring with some talks, head over to: 

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Today's show is a big mix of topics, first I talk to a cancer survivor and learn how diet played a key role in beating his cancer, then I make a few key announcements, then finally I talk about how myself and Ben Gray plan to reverse the issues surround diets and create a new slimming club like weight watchers with our new venture Ditch the Diet by talking to one of the women from the original pilot group. 

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