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John Kiefer is today's special guest on the podcast, we talk everything Carb Back-Loading. We explore the merits of CBL, what it is, the proposed physiology behind it, how to use it, whether fasting with CBL is optimal for muscle building, if junk food is still a mainstay in the protocol, how old fat cells respond in over-feeding, and the use of caffeine post workout. Check out John's work at 

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Rachel Guy is the shows new co-host and boy is this a bumper edition, so bumper it's an hour long show! We rant and rave and educate in a big way. We duscuss the differnces between organic and non-organic food, fish oils and knowing if quality is worth paying for, the differnce for females and volume training, the issue with caloric intake and working a manual job, are protein powders a good idea in under 18 gym goers, and a beautiful story to end the show. 

Check me out at and rachel at 

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Jonathan Bailor is this weeks guest, the author of the calorie myth book, a New York Times bestseller. We talk about why calories are not important, or at least not as important as we think, why there is a fine line between performance and body composition, some health myths, how to increase your nutritional intake, and a new patent Jon has up his sleeve. Find Jonathan's book on amazon, 'The Calorie Myth' and find him online by searching for 'Jonathan Bailor'. 

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Ben Greenfield is todays special guest, Ben is doing awesome things in the US with BG Fitness so I got him on the show to chat. We talk about his journey in the fitness world, ketogenic nutrition in endurance sports, his personal experimentation with far dominant endurance training, fat metabolism, somatotyping, gluten in peoples diets, intolerances and symptomology, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Vistit for more info on Ben. 

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