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It's a Q&A special today with the foxy Rachel Guy. We talk about hormone manipulating supplements, whether protein intake is an issue in gout (and if not what is), how to re-fuel when training late at night and then early in the morning the next day, and are calorie calculators accurate? 

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Vilma Brunhuber is today's special guest as we talk about everything thyoid related. We ask what is the thyroid and why is it important, how does it affect weight loss and performance, how are we damaging our thyroid gland, why testing is so important, and why common tests don't ever resolve the root cause of the issue. See Vilma's work at 

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Rachel Guy and I are back in the house answering your questions after blowing smoke up Layne Norton's arse and talking about my recent BTN Academy launch. We talk about eating around someone with an eating disorder, fine tuning the diet for optimal results, taking vitamin C for stress reduction, how far can you get when changing your physique when you work night shirts, and finally we explore our thoughts on Homeopathic medicine. 

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Matt Miller is today's special guest. Matt is the hit of UK TV series 'Fat Fighters', and an all round hero in the fitness industry. Matt and I talk about his journey over from California, what fitness means to him, his involvement in the Olympics legacy, a lesson in life and business with his fitness edge at The Gym Box London, why the fitness industry is always chasing its tale, and why we love what we do. 

Check Matt out at:

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Me and Rachel are back with a Q&A packed show, we talk about changes in bowel movements when you change your diet to be healthier, what to eat when on an endurance challenge like the 3 peaks and how to fill lose skin. 

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