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A Q&A special with co-host Rachel Guy. Rachel and I discuss where and how to get blood work done, differing techniques when fat loss stalls, is your protein intake too high, my trip with layne norton, body power 2014, what to do when you know what to do - but the mind won't let it be actioned, and busting a plataeu. Check Rachel out at and myself at 

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Serene Husseini is my special guest this week. Serene is a gym owner and contest prep coach. Serene and I talk about the issues with female dieting, the dangers of low calorie diets, whether to do cardio or HIIT training, how to set up a diet, reverse dieting into a competition, how her training differs throughout the year, how her diet changes when coming up to a competition, and what her plans are for the future. 

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We are back with your questions and my elegant co-host Rachel Guy joins me for the ride. We talk about trying to gain lean muscle without counting calories, when is it best to do your HIIT training sessions, insulin sensitivity and meal timing, layne nortons cutting guide, beef protein powder, using vitargo, and should we be worried about anti-nutrients in our food. Check out Rachel's work at and mine at 

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Emma Storey-Gordon is this weeks special guest, we talk about her sponsorship with USN, what training she personally does, how she operates as a coach, what got her into the industry, what is fitness to her, and what kind of cuppa she likes. 

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