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Rachel Guy and I tackle a lot of passionate subjects this week, including; education in schools with children and physical education, how to recover quickly when competing multiple times over a weekend in cycling, how to break into the fitness industry with both nutrition and S&C qualifications, and nutrition for injury recovery. Check me out at and Rachel at 

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Doug Kaufmann is todays special guest, an expert in the world of fugal infections and parasites. Doug has an amazing story that led him into his field of work. In this episode we talk about Doug's journey, why we need to know about fungus's and parasites, are fungus and inflammation different, his book 'the fungus link' phase 1 and phase 2 fungus diets, what symptoms people get when they have a fungus, and the power of a fungus when present in the body. Check out Doug's work at 

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The Athletic Fox and I get stuck into your questions on health & fitness this week with a massive hour long episode. We talk about taking your fat loss to the final level and stepping what you do up a gear, whether we can spot reduce fat, if runners trots are a legitimate issue, my stance on calories and whether we should be counting them, what to eat if going away to an non-ideal environment, if transdermal works - what else is our skin absorbing that we don't know about, what supplements are worth taking when building muscle and do we need to cycle them. Check me out at and Rachel at 

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Ali Jawad is today's special guest, an inspirational guy with bags of knowlege and humour. Ali is the world record bench press champion in his weight class, <59kg. He is on the road to Rio and talks to me about his journey, how he bench presses with no legs, the tips that get him such a big bench, how he got into powerfilting, why he had to quit judo, how getting diagnosed with chrones changed everything, how adversity has affected him, and what his diet looks like now. Check out Ali and his workshops at 

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