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Mark Coles of M10 Fitness in Nottingham is this weeks guest. Mark and I go deep into the world of personal and client psychology, the mindset you need to cultivate a winning physique and a successful fitness business, building a successful personal training business, the pros and cons of owning a gym, where he started his journey, how it evolved and where it took him, how to find and get the best out of hiring personal trainers, and why thinking budget means average in life. 

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Rhonda Patrick Phd joins me on the show for a knowledge heavy episode on micronutrients and there role in health and disease. We talk about vitamin E, Vitamin C, magnesium, energy production, the expression of cancer, gene expression, cellular metabolism, the mitochondria, and how the science if often a confounding issue. You can find Rhonda's work at and mine at 

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CT Fletcher joins me on the show for an uncensored, raw and honest show on his journey in the world of weight lifting. We talk about his past, what motivates him, his opinions on the world of fitness today, his inspiration, what fuels negativity online, how his diet changed after heart surgery, his intuitive approach to training, is there such a thing as over training, and 'what does Junior Miles say'? 

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