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Cystic Fibrosis is today's talking point as I talk to Ben Mudge, a CF sufferer who has defied the odds and become a personal trainer and physique competitor. We talk about Cystic Fibrosis, what it is, how he manages CF while being in incredible shape, what his diet is like and how he trains, and ultimately how all this enables him to manage his CF far better. 

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Ever seen a coulpe where one is a normal weight and one isn't, was this the intention, or a result of the relationship? Rachel Guy and I explore this sensitive topic and move on to cover whether we should supplement with HCL tablets, how to re-introduce carbs after being low carb for so long, and how the high powered life can leave us stressed beyond return. 

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Mark Coles is back on the show, this time we delve into how Mark sets up a diet for fat loss, what the key variables are, how to tackle your calories and macronutrients, the key components for building muscle, how to set up a diet for building muscle, what supplements to take, how to train in the gym, whats better frequency of training of volume of training and his experience learning from people like Milos Sarcev. Knowledge packed show. Check Mark out at and me at 

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Rachel Guy and I are back in full force with a Q&A special on your listeners questions. Today we talk about DNA testing and what it can show us, what the deal is with supplementing with leucine, how to feel horny right into old age, how to be attractive to the opposite sex, ab training and how not to get a thick waist, and what body fat % is ideal for a female.

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