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Anna Sward is back on the show as a guest as we delve into her new world of expectant motherhood aka being pregnant. We talk about diet and whether her nutrition has had to change to support building a child, how her training has had to be adapted to make her body strong for the birth, and the journey back to fitness afterwards. And we also talk about her trip to new york and her new book. 

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Rachel Guy & I are back answering your questions on fitness, health, performance, nutrition and being AWESOME. This week we cover adrenal fatigue and how to approach it, where to start with getting government and community projects off the ground, how to shape the kids of tomorrow in schools with their nutrition and movement, how much protein you should have per serving, why goals need to be laser focused to succeed, where to start with auto-immune related conditions and the diet. 

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Alex Manos is todays special guest, the Body Type Nutrition Lab's in house functional medicine practitioner. In this episode we cover PCOS, how the gut & immune system play integral roles in all areas of health & disease, what unsymptomatic people can do to improve their health via functional testing, the most common deficiencies we see in people, endometriosis recovery, recovering from a bacterial infection, and how to rehab a broken and tired body after years of being stuck at dead ends. 

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Want to know how to break into public speaking and be seen at the top level in the fitness industry? Want to know how I juggled 3 jobs, an internship, a degree, drinking, and building a business while at uni? Then this is the episode to get on your iPod. Me and Rachel Guy also discuss the nutritional needs to infants and children, the pros and cons of being an endomorph body type and what to do if you don't enjoy cardio. 

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