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Nake Miyaki is this weeks special guest as we discuss the many areas of health, performance and bodybuilding that are hotly debated. We discuss Nate's work and history in the industry, his methods as a coach, what he thinks of the 80/20 rule, the importance of calorie and macronutrient targets, losing strength while dieting, is there such a thing as a bad carb, benefits of flexible dieting, low carb dieting and whether it's necessary, and whether paleo nutrition and bodybuilding nutrition should be seperate camps, or can we learn ideas and prinicpals from both for better results. 

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Steroids in the fitness industry is a big problem, it's more widespread than people realise, and many coaches are claiming they are not using steroids when they are, so what results can people honestly beleive in? We rant about steriod use in the fitness world, get jiggy with peoples calorie intakes in a sports nutrition environment, close the door on IBS, the price of fresh vegetables and nutritional value, when is the right time to start chasing your dreams, and the antioxidant benefit of decaffeinated coffee. 

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A common argument in the fitness world is that you cannot train for endurance and power / strength at the same time. Alex Viana is my special guest on podcast 107, a man showing you that it can be done as he and his clients are living proof. We talk about programming for concomitant endurance and power training in any given week, nutrition and supplementation around this, the biggest mistakes people make, a journey back from injury, suffering from an eating disorder, and achieving big things. 

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The Minimalist's are my special guest today, two men preeching a movement of streamlining your life so only the important things are in it. We discuss what Minimalism is, how the movement came about in Ryan's world, how this relates to you being fit and healthy, how to acheive more balance in your life, why everyones goal is to be a millionnaire yet it's often a mountain too high to climb, and how to bring more happiness into your life for more friends, family, and the things that matter. 

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