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The podcast gets a change of pace this week with me being interviewed by Will Foster, The Happiness Coach. Will delves into everything that I do, my story, my journey, my opinions on various different areas of health, nutrition, performance, dieting, the socialisation of food, the influence of others, inner strength, the benefits of sport, why people are angry so much, why you need to be more selfish, mindset and how to have a big and meaningful life. I thought a change of pace would be welcomed, so I hope you enjoy the show. 

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Aggressive dieting is the top topic this week as me and Rachel Guy grace your ears again for another bonza Q&A style episode. We also talk about testosterone supplements, menstrual cycles, when coaching is appropriate in someone’s dieting journey, the problem with eating too many vegetables, pimping your health with an unlimited budget, and more. 

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Why can't we change? What holds us back? We know what to do, but we just can't quite do it. Kori Propst joins me on the show to talk about the in-built psychological barriers that we as humans have that stop us reaching our goals. We find solutions as to what you can do to turn this around, breaching topics of binge eating, goal setting, knowing why you are doing something, the practicalities of motivation, and being in control. 

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Rachel Guy and I are back with lots of your hot topics in a big Q&A episode. We talk about cosmetic surgery and my imminent appointment, sugar and energy systems in competition and sport, why experimenting with yourself and giving things time is key, the benefits and power of social sharing, the benefits of cardio after a heart attack, fasted training, and much more. 

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