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When it comes to BIG change, where do we start? If we have a lot of weight to lose, a big journey to embark on, where do we start? Do we start with diet, food, sleep, calorie counting, exercise, alcohol? This can often be an overwhelming journey, standing at the bottom of a mountain that seems too big to climb, well, today's show is just me and the microphone, a solo show, all about where to start when it comes to big change and making the 1st steps to a new you. Please share this show with someone that is currently overwhelmed with their journey ahead of them.... 

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Ben Esgro is todays special guest as we dive into the world of training periodisation. For years body part splits have been the norm, but should we be doing something different? Ben and I discuss the pros and cons of lifting for strength, and lifting for hypertrophy, and where the line is drawn for different people. We also discuss Ben's journey, programming for Layne Norton, getting blood work done, the differences between males and females lifting, training twice per day, occlusion training, and what to do when at a powerlifting meet. 
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The man behind Stop Chasing Pain, Perry Nickleston, joins me to talk about movement, pain, stability, and why we live for years with the same issues we've always had. We talk about Perry's journey, what 'Stop Chasing Pain' is all about and it's core message, why the term 'movement never lies' is so important and why movement needs to be our assessment tool, his assessment process, how to train stability when there is no mobility, the inclusion of mobility in training programs, and getting over the mental side of injury. 

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