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Mike Dolce coaches some of the top MMA and UFC Athletes in the world, he's the go to man. In this podcast episode we discuss his journey into the world of MMA, the changes that have occurred over his time in the sport - both with and without his influence, the old vs the new school ways of cutting weight, how to reach optimal performance, why getting nutrition and training right is only scratching the surface, and how his personal journey over recent years is impacting more than just the fight world. This is an EPIC interview!

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Are you ready for hard work? Many Aren't. So we put the ball in your court with some tough love while discussing the state of the fitness industry right now and how I hope it changes in 2016 towards the purpose in which it was originally created. 

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We think we're ready to work on our weaknesses, but are we? Really? In this episode we go on a right ole ramble from one users question, looking at our reasons not to change. Another episode asking deeper questions of our nature and rationale. 

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Dr Jacob Wilson is back on the show to chat about nutrition. Last time he was on the show we talked about training and what goes down in his lab, and now the prolific and outspoken researcher is back to talk about the research on protein overfeeding, intermittent fasting, calorie cycling, what happens if you diet for only 10 days then have a 3 day break, ketogenic dieting and the benefits, and much more. Enjoy. 

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The world of fitness is changing, question is, are you going to change with it? Since myself and Rachel have been coaches, much has changed, our goals, our plans, our education, our journey, and we have changed and flexed with it, and had many life realisations. Mainly that life is more than fitness, that we are a sum of many more things, and this is how we now live an AWESOME life, are you ready to do the same? Are you ready for an AWESOME life? 

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Jason Ferruggia joins me on the show to get real with why and how we do things in life. Why do we train the way we do, why we eat the way we do, why training 3 days a week is best, why eating 'clean' is best but life is for enjoyment, why stress is crippling our minds, why life is about living - which many of us are not doing, why your mind is the stumbling block for everything we attempt to achieve, and why the expectations of the fitness industry have been holding people back for years in living to their true potential. This is an EPIC show. 

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Food toxicity, vulnerability, and responsibility are the focus of this weeks show alongside an epic ramble from myself on how our approach to our own issues and lifestyle factors now needs to be taken by the horns by the only person in power to change it, us! Alongside this we discuss having vision, a plan, how to be critical, positive affirmations and much more on nutrition and optimal human performance. 

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A show with a million directions today, including discussing on the obese man that lives inside me, calorific foods, the importance of having a busy but balanced life, finding ways of feeling full and satiated, how to follow people you love and catch their work on the road, the importance of playing the long game with adrenal fatigue, accounting for your changes in energy expenditure, and much more. 

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Ollie hit rock bottom during a career in semi-pro rugby while running a night club, burning the wick at both ends, training hard, playing hard, and trying to earn money all at the same time. This lead him to adrenal fatigue and a 2 year path to rehab. Learn from Ollie's mistakes, learn what helped him the most in his path to optimal health and wellness and why he now runs saviour sports tea.  

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George Bryant has been through more in his life than most. Raped at a young age, developed eating disorders, enrolled into the military and got so muscular in his down time that he got compartment syndrome which meant his legs blew up, gained and lost 100lbs, developed the mindset to conquer his fears, and now lives a life of positive balance and peace. Will you accept George's challenge? 

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What do you do when you're not reaching your goals? Do you have a plan B? Do you know how to quantify your goals into the situations you are facing? Do you know when enough is enough and you need the help of a coach? When all else fails, stick to the basics. We also cover BCAA supplementation, cutting water before a fight, metabolic damage in fighters, magnesium supplementation and getting the s**ts, and much more. 

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How do you get more willpower and motivation? What stops us from sticking to our plans, and do the things we need to to be successful? What is willpower? What is motivation? How do we find meaning in what we do? How do we set short term and long term goals, and stick to them? How beneficial is self-talk? Are you mindful about your choices? Is just 'turning up' half the battle won? Michelle Segar, Phd joins me on the show to discuss her work on how we think and the choices we make. She also has a book 'No Sweat' available now on Amazon. 

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Losing weight is great, but does it leave us with permanent damage both physically and mentally? Rachel Guy and I delve into the mental side of losing weight, how you can look at yourself differently, feel different, but it is yet to be a positive change in all areas of your life, still puting pressure on your relationships and thought process. If you look in the mirror and still don't see the person you want to see, you must listen to this episode! 

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Any idea what ART is and how it can affect your movement & pain? In this episode I am joined by Tom Feeney as we discuss why people are in pain, treatments available to people, the benefit of taking time to understand your biomechanics, the importance of mobility, how to find a good practitioner to help you, and the benefits of ART. 

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If we're not happy, is any of this health and fitness talk relevant? We can talk about any theory or technique, but if our mind and mental well-being is not sound, then nothing is worth it, the mind must come before anything else. In this episode we explore the health of our mind, and use some users examples to crack this topic clean open. 

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Dr Jacob Wilson joins me to discuss the science of building muscle. In this episode we talk about his journey, what the science says about building muscle, whether to include strength work in your hypertrophy training, whether to include hypertrophy work in your strength training, the principals of mechanical overload, time under tension and activation, and much more. 

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Myself and the Fox get railed by a ton of topics and rant for 45 minutes solid, including fake tan use, my favorite decaf coffee at the moment, whether people need coffee in the morning and how caffeine in general effects the body and mind, listening to your body and autoregulatory training, losing your gainz, and much much more. Be warned, explicit show, I get a few F bombs out as things get heated. 

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Fitter Food, aka Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden the authors of 'The Paleo Primer' join me on the show for food related chat. We discuss Matt and Keris personal journeys in the fitness and health world, what we are missing from the food we eat, the power of food and the connection we have with it, what paleo means to them, Keris battle with PCOS, and what they are enjoying teaching others about nutrition right now. Grab at copy of their book The Paleo Primer HERE

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Dr Jade and I delve into the world of not being able to lose weight. Why this might be, how our metabolsim plays a key role, and how the regulation of our food intake and our hormonal health supports this. We also discuss why people don't have the will power they want, why we need more minimalism in our lives, why we need more honest people around us, why our mindset is key, and whether you are actually ready to diet. 

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Dave joins me on the show for the final time to discuss post cycle therapy (PCT), insulin use, synthol, the difference with taking high dose testosterone or low dose stacked testosterone, using hormones to kick start your own function, using anavar, is steroid use drug abuse, maintaining mass when only going on a short cycle, and why we never consider what we are actually asking our body to do. 

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Rachel and I get stuck straight into your questions this week, no messing about as we discuss fine tuning the body of someone who is very young, the fine line between getting toned, building muscle, and losing fat and more calorie and macro perspectives, how to retain your muscle mass when marathon training, is training body parts once per week or twice per week better, what can you do when TDT isn't sold in the US and Canada, and adrenal issues within a diet context. Enjoy. 

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Everyone has an opinion these days, but who is really in a position to talk? This is the best way, thats the best way, weight training is best, cardio is best, zumba is best, when did we lose the ability to read the situation? We also rant about lots more and chat about my recent nutrition and training over the summer, and discuss assessing IBS, the contraceptive pill, tendon and ligament recovery alongside sports specific training, and some random banter, of course! 

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Dave Cripps, ex Leicester Tigers Rugby S&C coach joins me to discuss how to be an incredible coach, what it takes to understand people, what happens in the elite level rugby world, how to manage clients, the character traits of a good coach, and the importance of understanding people. 

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This episode took a turn, we got on to a rant, and it never stopped. We now live in a world clouded by the past, always looking to the future, and never living for the moment. In this episdoe I share my recent revelations in therapy, my training progress, and what I have learnt from others in recent months and how this has changed so much for me. I'll be honest, this episode could change your life... 

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Health Delusion author Aidan Goggins is on the show as we discuss his journey into the field of nutrition, his struggle with auto-immune issues, what it means to be a pharmacist and a nutritionist, what should we and shouldn't be taking as healthy individuals when it comes to supplements, his stance on common deficiencies, and much more. 

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I ask the question of Mike "whats the best..." on many subjects on this podcast, including training to get in great shape, food, supplements that are needed and not needed, why he's chosen this path in the fitness world, what his values and methods are, why he started a supplement company, why he wrote his two books, and much more. 

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Legend Adam Richman is on the show to talk food, Man Vs Food style. We discuss what he's up to right now, his regime leading up to and following a big eating challenge, what kind of health testing he gets done, how he keeps fit, how he eats now, how he ate when he was doing all the challanges, what other exciting things hes working on now, and more. Adam is an amazingly humble guy and it was epic to get him on the show, do make sure you check out his new book 'Straight up Tasty' on Amazon. 

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Rachel & I hit you with a BIG Q&A show discussing why and how you train for fat loss and what variables you need to consider, whether cravings are a legitimate thing and whether they can be changed, how to increase adherence to training and nutrition, how to ask hard questions of yourself, how to alter someones metabolic set point after years of competing in figure competitions, as well as the usual tangents. Enjoy. 

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Adventure racing mad man Luke Tyburski is on the show as we discuss his background and rationale behind all the crazy events he does, how he fuels for such events, what important supplements he takes to aid him, what his macronutrient and calorie intake is like, why he does it, how heat and other elements affect him racing, and why his next race is his biggest challenge yet, and much more. 

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Rachel Guy and I rant for a good 45 minutes solid this episode. Sorry we didn't get to any of your questions, but we had a lot to get off our chest including my thoughts post body power, contest prep and all the irresponsible coaches running around the industry, people holding themselves AND their coaches responsible for their results, paleo foods and there misconceptions, and much more... 

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Dave Crosland is back on the show for part 2 as we delve into the world of steroids. In Part 2 we talk about the difference between oral and injectable steroids, whether steroids are appropriate for the average gym goer, how you can tell if someone is on steroids, medicines people have to take due to the side effects, monitoring blood work, what pro-hormones are, whether people really only take one cycle and whether you can retain your acquired mass from one cycle, when someone should consider taking steroids, and I ask what Dave things of non-natural athletes posing as natural athletes in the world of fitness. 


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The steroids debate is a strong one, in this no holds barred interview I ask Dave Crosland, one of the UK's leading voices on steroid use and abuse, what types of steroids exist, why people take them, the affects of them, whether steroids have a place for the average gym goer, the cost of taking them - both financially and medically, how to know what good quality is, and for more you will have to listen to Part 2... 

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This week we delve into the world of training for a purpose. The body building split has been around for donkeys years, and everyone is doing it, but is it enabling you to reach your goals? I also ramble about dog food and the comparisons to human nutrition and health, eating when in difficult situations, and why your answer is often in your question. 

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We expand on podcast 131 and delve deeper into body image and depression. Gary Turner is back as we ask the questions, where does a faulty body image perception come from, why visualisation is key, how food intolerances play into the 'chemical imbalance' theory, the root cause of many issues, and why images, videos and gym culture are compounding these issues we see. 

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Rachel and I wage in on the clean eating debate and look at the evolution of clean eating, and whether it has been a negative or positive influence in the world of health and fitness. We also discuss productivity hacks, I read a story about porn, respect that exists in fitness today online, food guilt, how to structure training when you work a week of night shifts, getting the pump in training, and many other rants. 

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Kamal Patel joins me to discuss the fitness industry and it's wrath of bogus supplementation. What should people be taking, why, how, where the future lies for supplements, and the journey that Examine has been on to be a go to resource on supplement science. Let this show be a definitive guide on using supplements that work, and avoid ones that don't work. 

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Depression gets the better of many people, in this show we explore the root causes of shifts in your mental health and answer many questions you will have. I talk to Will Barton a personal trainer from Manchester who was a past sufferer of depression, and contextualize his story with the scientific basis with the help of Gary Turner. We talk about why, the initial anxiety people experience, the pressure we put on ourselves that leads to a negative mindset, how this becomes a catch 22 scenario, and strategies to resolve this pattern. 

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Paul Chek was the reason I got into the fitness industry, and now I have the honor of interviewing him. As a young and impressionable person wanting to take charge of their health I am so glad I was led down my path by Paul, a shining light in the world of holistic health and performance. We chat about the power of your inner self, his work and how it has evolved, people and being in pain, infant development, the power of food on whole body health and performance, metabolic typing, vegetarianism and why paul tired it, his book 'Eat more and be healthy', what his teaching aims to teach others, and much more. 

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Do you want to change? It's a key component in making the changes in your life that you need to, to get to where you want to be. In this episode Rachel and I discuss more components of the change battle that people encounter when wanting to change, we discuss the danger of traditional slimming clubs in the UK, what to do when the situation you are in is unchangeable, my answer to "I've hit a plateau, please give me just a few quick tips", and what to do when you embark on the adventure of travelling the world but still want to stay in shape. 

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I am joined by Personal Trainer Development Centre owner Jon Goodman, a man of many talents and life stories. In this episode I talk to Jon about fear, progression in life with your goals, his journey in fitness, how he injured his back trying to impress a girl, his two books he has written to help personal trainers, and much more. 

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Rachel & I are back with a Q&A packed show on your hot topics discussing alcohol consumption and balance, the importance of knowing how to be flexible with your diet, achieving balance in your life, Jamie Oliver's stance on Paleo and why I think it's the right thing to do, why and how to allow happiness into your life, why testing can be paramount in finally sorting any health issues, why no one should be eating 1500 calorie if they are a high exerciser, and many more rants! 

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I've gone into therapy, and in this episode I tell you why alongisde getting to your questions. We talk about mental strength and the many aspects of it, reversing rheumatoid arthritis via diet alone, why it's important to do what you want in life and follow your passion, how to help young trainers in the gym avoid all the BS in the fitness industry and be steered on the right path, and many more tangents. 

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I've been a big fan of Dan John ever since reading his book 'Never Let Go'. In this episode I chat to Dan about training simplicity, why his methods have become so popular, how he has evolved his training over the years, what movements in the gym are truly bang for buck exercises and where nutrition fits into his methods. 

Grab his book if you have never read it HERE 

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Dieting, aka fat loss can be tough and confusing, lets end that confusion and work out what to do when you are not losing weight, have stubborn areas of fat or skin you want to work on, are stuck on a low calorie diet and don't know how to lose more fat, can't up your training intensity and lose fat at the same time, have stress as an added variable in your fat loss battle, want to know more about training for fat loss and what to do in the gym, and generally want more results than you are currently getting. 

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Dr McGuff joins me on the show to talk about high intensity training and myokines. As an emergency room doctor and exercise researcher Doug expands on why we should all be doing HIIT. But, as well as knowing HIIT can be good, for how long and how should we do it. 

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A Q&A packed show with myself and Rachel Guy, this week we discuss the importance of eating more for optimal performance and how to do this, the use of BCAA's and whether they have any strength or performance enhancing implications, what to do if you are an inspiring sportsman or fitness professional, why it's important not to follow any dogma when building yourself a training program, why you should never live you life with a label, and what to do if you suspect a dairy intolerance from whey protein. 

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This was meant to be a big Q&A show, BUT Rachel and I took the show on a completely unplanned tangent and delved deep into the world of personal confidence, our drive and motives to do things, the influence of our social environment, why focus is misplaced without confident and planned direction, and ask a lot of questions of you to look deep into your own personal values, reasons, and motives, and thus the choices you make with your journey. I feel it's another deep and powerful show, delve in and enjoy... 

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A me and the microphone show once again, this week focusing on the year ahead. I address focus, drive, motivation, goal setting, vision, values, and how to contextualise all this for more success in your life. I also talk about parts of my personality, childhood, and what shaped me as a person growing up. This is a deep show, but one I hope you get lots of value from... 

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