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Dr McGuff joins me on the show to talk about high intensity training and myokines. As an emergency room doctor and exercise researcher Doug expands on why we should all be doing HIIT. But, as well as knowing HIIT can be good, for how long and how should we do it. 

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A Q&A packed show with myself and Rachel Guy, this week we discuss the importance of eating more for optimal performance and how to do this, the use of BCAA's and whether they have any strength or performance enhancing implications, what to do if you are an inspiring sportsman or fitness professional, why it's important not to follow any dogma when building yourself a training program, why you should never live you life with a label, and what to do if you suspect a dairy intolerance from whey protein. 

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This was meant to be a big Q&A show, BUT Rachel and I took the show on a completely unplanned tangent and delved deep into the world of personal confidence, our drive and motives to do things, the influence of our social environment, why focus is misplaced without confident and planned direction, and ask a lot of questions of you to look deep into your own personal values, reasons, and motives, and thus the choices you make with your journey. I feel it's another deep and powerful show, delve in and enjoy... 

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A me and the microphone show once again, this week focusing on the year ahead. I address focus, drive, motivation, goal setting, vision, values, and how to contextualise all this for more success in your life. I also talk about parts of my personality, childhood, and what shaped me as a person growing up. This is a deep show, but one I hope you get lots of value from... 

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