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I've gone into therapy, and in this episode I tell you why alongisde getting to your questions. We talk about mental strength and the many aspects of it, reversing rheumatoid arthritis via diet alone, why it's important to do what you want in life and follow your passion, how to help young trainers in the gym avoid all the BS in the fitness industry and be steered on the right path, and many more tangents. 

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I've been a big fan of Dan John ever since reading his book 'Never Let Go'. In this episode I chat to Dan about training simplicity, why his methods have become so popular, how he has evolved his training over the years, what movements in the gym are truly bang for buck exercises and where nutrition fits into his methods. 

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Dieting, aka fat loss can be tough and confusing, lets end that confusion and work out what to do when you are not losing weight, have stubborn areas of fat or skin you want to work on, are stuck on a low calorie diet and don't know how to lose more fat, can't up your training intensity and lose fat at the same time, have stress as an added variable in your fat loss battle, want to know more about training for fat loss and what to do in the gym, and generally want more results than you are currently getting. 

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