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Paul Chek was the reason I got into the fitness industry, and now I have the honor of interviewing him. As a young and impressionable person wanting to take charge of their health I am so glad I was led down my path by Paul, a shining light in the world of holistic health and performance. We chat about the power of your inner self, his work and how it has evolved, people and being in pain, infant development, the power of food on whole body health and performance, metabolic typing, vegetarianism and why paul tired it, his book 'Eat more and be healthy', what his teaching aims to teach others, and much more. 

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Do you want to change? It's a key component in making the changes in your life that you need to, to get to where you want to be. In this episode Rachel and I discuss more components of the change battle that people encounter when wanting to change, we discuss the danger of traditional slimming clubs in the UK, what to do when the situation you are in is unchangeable, my answer to "I've hit a plateau, please give me just a few quick tips", and what to do when you embark on the adventure of travelling the world but still want to stay in shape. 

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I am joined by Personal Trainer Development Centre owner Jon Goodman, a man of many talents and life stories. In this episode I talk to Jon about fear, progression in life with your goals, his journey in fitness, how he injured his back trying to impress a girl, his two books he has written to help personal trainers, and much more. 

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Rachel & I are back with a Q&A packed show on your hot topics discussing alcohol consumption and balance, the importance of knowing how to be flexible with your diet, achieving balance in your life, Jamie Oliver's stance on Paleo and why I think it's the right thing to do, why and how to allow happiness into your life, why testing can be paramount in finally sorting any health issues, why no one should be eating 1500 calorie if they are a high exerciser, and many more rants! 

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