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Adventure racing mad man Luke Tyburski is on the show as we discuss his background and rationale behind all the crazy events he does, how he fuels for such events, what important supplements he takes to aid him, what his macronutrient and calorie intake is like, why he does it, how heat and other elements affect him racing, and why his next race is his biggest challenge yet, and much more. 

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Rachel Guy and I rant for a good 45 minutes solid this episode. Sorry we didn't get to any of your questions, but we had a lot to get off our chest including my thoughts post body power, contest prep and all the irresponsible coaches running around the industry, people holding themselves AND their coaches responsible for their results, paleo foods and there misconceptions, and much more... 

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Dave Crosland is back on the show for part 2 as we delve into the world of steroids. In Part 2 we talk about the difference between oral and injectable steroids, whether steroids are appropriate for the average gym goer, how you can tell if someone is on steroids, medicines people have to take due to the side effects, monitoring blood work, what pro-hormones are, whether people really only take one cycle and whether you can retain your acquired mass from one cycle, when someone should consider taking steroids, and I ask what Dave things of non-natural athletes posing as natural athletes in the world of fitness. 


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The steroids debate is a strong one, in this no holds barred interview I ask Dave Crosland, one of the UK's leading voices on steroid use and abuse, what types of steroids exist, why people take them, the affects of them, whether steroids have a place for the average gym goer, the cost of taking them - both financially and medically, how to know what good quality is, and for more you will have to listen to Part 2... 

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