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Health Delusion author Aidan Goggins is on the show as we discuss his journey into the field of nutrition, his struggle with auto-immune issues, what it means to be a pharmacist and a nutritionist, what should we and shouldn't be taking as healthy individuals when it comes to supplements, his stance on common deficiencies, and much more. 

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I ask the question of Mike "whats the best..." on many subjects on this podcast, including training to get in great shape, food, supplements that are needed and not needed, why he's chosen this path in the fitness world, what his values and methods are, why he started a supplement company, why he wrote his two books, and much more. 

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Legend Adam Richman is on the show to talk food, Man Vs Food style. We discuss what he's up to right now, his regime leading up to and following a big eating challenge, what kind of health testing he gets done, how he keeps fit, how he eats now, how he ate when he was doing all the challanges, what other exciting things hes working on now, and more. Adam is an amazingly humble guy and it was epic to get him on the show, do make sure you check out his new book 'Straight up Tasty' on Amazon. 

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Rachel & I hit you with a BIG Q&A show discussing why and how you train for fat loss and what variables you need to consider, whether cravings are a legitimate thing and whether they can be changed, how to increase adherence to training and nutrition, how to ask hard questions of yourself, how to alter someones metabolic set point after years of competing in figure competitions, as well as the usual tangents. Enjoy. 

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