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Dave joins me on the show for the final time to discuss post cycle therapy (PCT), insulin use, synthol, the difference with taking high dose testosterone or low dose stacked testosterone, using hormones to kick start your own function, using anavar, is steroid use drug abuse, maintaining mass when only going on a short cycle, and why we never consider what we are actually asking our body to do. 

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Rachel and I get stuck straight into your questions this week, no messing about as we discuss fine tuning the body of someone who is very young, the fine line between getting toned, building muscle, and losing fat and more calorie and macro perspectives, how to retain your muscle mass when marathon training, is training body parts once per week or twice per week better, what can you do when TDT isn't sold in the US and Canada, and adrenal issues within a diet context. Enjoy. 

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Everyone has an opinion these days, but who is really in a position to talk? This is the best way, thats the best way, weight training is best, cardio is best, zumba is best, when did we lose the ability to read the situation? We also rant about lots more and chat about my recent nutrition and training over the summer, and discuss assessing IBS, the contraceptive pill, tendon and ligament recovery alongside sports specific training, and some random banter, of course! 

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Dave Cripps, ex Leicester Tigers Rugby S&C coach joins me to discuss how to be an incredible coach, what it takes to understand people, what happens in the elite level rugby world, how to manage clients, the character traits of a good coach, and the importance of understanding people. 

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This episode took a turn, we got on to a rant, and it never stopped. We now live in a world clouded by the past, always looking to the future, and never living for the moment. In this episdoe I share my recent revelations in therapy, my training progress, and what I have learnt from others in recent months and how this has changed so much for me. I'll be honest, this episode could change your life... 

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