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Myself and the Fox get railed by a ton of topics and rant for 45 minutes solid, including fake tan use, my favorite decaf coffee at the moment, whether people need coffee in the morning and how caffeine in general effects the body and mind, listening to your body and autoregulatory training, losing your gainz, and much much more. Be warned, explicit show, I get a few F bombs out as things get heated. 

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Fitter Food, aka Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden the authors of 'The Paleo Primer' join me on the show for food related chat. We discuss Matt and Keris personal journeys in the fitness and health world, what we are missing from the food we eat, the power of food and the connection we have with it, what paleo means to them, Keris battle with PCOS, and what they are enjoying teaching others about nutrition right now. Grab at copy of their book The Paleo Primer HERE

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Dr Jade and I delve into the world of not being able to lose weight. Why this might be, how our metabolsim plays a key role, and how the regulation of our food intake and our hormonal health supports this. We also discuss why people don't have the will power they want, why we need more minimalism in our lives, why we need more honest people around us, why our mindset is key, and whether you are actually ready to diet. 

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