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Losing weight is great, but does it leave us with permanent damage both physically and mentally? Rachel Guy and I delve into the mental side of losing weight, how you can look at yourself differently, feel different, but it is yet to be a positive change in all areas of your life, still puting pressure on your relationships and thought process. If you look in the mirror and still don't see the person you want to see, you must listen to this episode! 

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Any idea what ART is and how it can affect your movement & pain? In this episode I am joined by Tom Feeney as we discuss why people are in pain, treatments available to people, the benefit of taking time to understand your biomechanics, the importance of mobility, how to find a good practitioner to help you, and the benefits of ART. 

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If we're not happy, is any of this health and fitness talk relevant? We can talk about any theory or technique, but if our mind and mental well-being is not sound, then nothing is worth it, the mind must come before anything else. In this episode we explore the health of our mind, and use some users examples to crack this topic clean open. 

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Dr Jacob Wilson joins me to discuss the science of building muscle. In this episode we talk about his journey, what the science says about building muscle, whether to include strength work in your hypertrophy training, whether to include hypertrophy work in your strength training, the principals of mechanical overload, time under tension and activation, and much more. 

Check Dr Wilson out at:

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