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Jason Ferruggia joins me on the show to get real with why and how we do things in life. Why do we train the way we do, why we eat the way we do, why training 3 days a week is best, why eating 'clean' is best but life is for enjoyment, why stress is crippling our minds, why life is about living - which many of us are not doing, why your mind is the stumbling block for everything we attempt to achieve, and why the expectations of the fitness industry have been holding people back for years in living to their true potential. This is an EPIC show. 

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Food toxicity, vulnerability, and responsibility are the focus of this weeks show alongside an epic ramble from myself on how our approach to our own issues and lifestyle factors now needs to be taken by the horns by the only person in power to change it, us! Alongside this we discuss having vision, a plan, how to be critical, positive affirmations and much more on nutrition and optimal human performance. 

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Stephen Box is back on the show as we evolve our discussion on bodybuilding, both the art and the science. In part 2 we discuss how Stephen's nutrition has changed over the last 18 months to look better day to day, better on stage, all while have a more enjoyable dieting process with never feeling restricted or deprived. We also discuss Stephen's peak week process, how he sets up his diet, the difference between tracking calories daily and weekly, what it takes to compete, the sacrifices you need to make, why he does it, when he used cardio and why and what happened to his blood markers, his approach as a whole, and what you can learn from that.  

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Bodybuilding is the pursuit of changing the body, which more of us do that we like to admit. While we might not be bodybuilders in the strictest sense or the way it's portrayed in the media, we are always looking for self improvement. Stephen Box is a natural competitive bodybuilder in the physique model class, over his last 18 month journey, what has he learning about training his body, developing his physique, and the evolution of him. I find out as we discuss training techniques, load, activation, dropping the 'load' ego, mindfulness,, training cycles, steroid use in bodybuilding, and much more. A fascinating and insightful discussion from a top mind in the field. 

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