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Brad Schoenfeld joins me on the show to answer the question, how do you build the maximum amount of muscle possible, naturally? Along with answering this key question we look at training techniques, training variation, the use of bands and chains, your genetic ceiling, training before stepping on stage and competing, training with limited equipment, and the science and application of training for muscle. 

Grab a copy of Brad's book here: 

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Does fitness define you? If it does, this is how to break free from the affliction. I am all for fitness and sport being part of your life, but it's not your life, unless you are a professional athlete, which still has its boundaries. We also discuss how simplicity can be the root cause of a problem, why no one wants to be told what to do, how to talk to people to get positive change, any many more tangents and rants. 

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What if I said you could have it all? Everything you ever dreamed of... would you believe me? Join me with coach Pat Divilly, a master of coaching others to get what they want, health, happiness, meaning, fitness, adventure, success, everything could be yours after this next hour with us... 

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After myself and Rachel rant about the evolution of unqualified fitness professionals and coaches online, we then move into another thought provoking show, and breach the questions....

Do you paralyse yourself with the pursuit of perfection? Is what you want achievable? Are you so driven, analytical, and single minded that you are damaging more than just your body? Are the relationships you have healthy? Is the goal you have for your body your goal? And more... Enjoy. 

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