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Want to optimise your health on all levels? So much still comes down to the gut. In this interview I chat with Jeannette Hyde on the new research around gut health, how to heal the gut, what comes first - supplements or food, how many vegetables we should really eat, why gluten can be such an issue, how you eat being important, bridging the gap in functional medicine, the spectrum of sensitivities, and discuss her new book 'The Gut Makeover' available now on Amazon. 

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I've made mistakes & failed, a lot, let me share my last 10 years with you in a VERY honest, raw and upfront show, explaining my path, how I evolved as a coach, what theories I evolved with and how they changed over the years, my position stance on the gut, hormones, and building a diet, why criticism is a strange beast, why a life of focusing on the past only holds you back, and how I aim to move forward with my work in the fitness world from this day forward. 

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We get on a rant about working hard over being talented, a mis diagnosed problem in modern society where most problems can be overcome by simple hard work. Rachel Guy and I also discuss leadership within your own life and with others, good books in the area of leadership, and some life experiences we have had both personally and with others. We also discuss training when your 15, how training variety can be thought of outside of the gym, fasted training and the dynamics of hybrid training, and more. 

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What can we learn from someone who's passed the marine commando training test? Tom Foxley is this man, a guy that trained for 45 minutes 5x a week and then passed to get the coveted green beret. Learn how he trained, why he only trained for 45 minutes each time, what the test was like, what kind of mindset gets you through such tough times, what he ate, how he combatted sleep deprivation, and more. Check out Tom at 

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Today we discuss pre workout nutrition when training early in the morning, and how to get motivation back when it slips in the gym. We also delve into what happens when we don't make progress? Whats the plan? Should you be scared to change your plan? Maybe even change career? From changing your training program in the gym, to changing your life direction, it's time to be bold and step up to what needs to change. 

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