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Part 1: In this two part interview I discuss a 16 week prep with bodybuilder Jon Mills. The highs, the lows, his journey, what he ate, how he trained, how it affected his personal life, how it affected his libido, eating disorders within bodybuilding, whether he would do it again or not, the dogma within bodybuilding  and the mis-information, and what he learned as a person about himself and the pursuit of body perfect. 

Want to go one step further and watch his full video documentary, which I would HIGHLY recommend, grab a watch here: 

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In this podcast episode it's my turn to get quizzed. In anticipation of Scotland's yearly fitness event SFN, Neil Maclean grabs me for an interview to ask me all about dieting, supplements, what mindset cultivates success, what I have learnt and others can from the world of rugby and pro sport, shake diets, what the future holds, why I did my confessions podcast and what came from it, and much much more. It's 45 minutes - and you will learn a lot and get a different insight from me. Enjoy.

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Is life now like TV? Social media gives everyone an insight into your life, but is this causing, in some cases, more harm than good? More and more people live life like a celebrity, all their personal info, movements and feelings out in the open for judgement, but is this creating pressure, anxiety, and mental health issues?

Do you get anxiety or feel pressured by the outside world and people looking in? I discuss this with the amazing Anna Williamson who has been through this herself in her growth as a celebrity. After hitting rock bottom she sought help, and has been better for it ever since, now moving into this work herself. 

While Anna might be a TV star, she is also a life coach and campaigner for mental health supporting such charities such as Mind. Visit Anna's website: 

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My second confessions podcast journeying my last 10 years in the fitness industry, except today I talk just as much about the future, as I do the past. I recap on some thoughts and comments that arose from part 1, my journey with caffeine and how I was so wrong, yet so right about some of my assumptions and thus how that led me to the development of TDT, which is now RIP. I then detail why TDT is now now more and why AS is now born, enjoy. 

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It's a round the houses show with a ton of content as we discuss; training in the gym from personal experience, the art and science of bodybuilding, ensuring you are eating enough, being superman, the mindset around your training, the dynamics of DOMS, the science of transdermal absorption, carb loading, carb cycling, competition prep and why you should and shouldn't do it, and more, all with my lovely co-host Rachel Guy. 

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