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How do you develop an unbeatable mindset? Learn from Ex U.S Navy Seal Mark Divine who finished #1 in his class, has toured Iraq, written 2 books, consults for the U.S. defence in warfare, teaches people the route to ultimate success, and more. In this show we discuss a TON, how mark thinks, how he views fitness - both physically and mentally, why people don't succeed, why our brains are the path to success, and more! 

get in touch with Mark on Twitter: @markdivine @sealfit 

Marks website: 

Grab a copy of both his books, highly recommended! 

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A quick show on liquid nutrition and its place in our diet, where does it fit in, does it fit in, and how should / could it fit into our daily calorie picture? After all, with all nutrition conundrums, context is key. 

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A podcast all about supplements. What to take, why you would take it, in what environment, for what goals, for what purpose, and in what dosages. It's time to clear up any confusion in the world of supplementation. 

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In this episode I talk about nutrition as a career and the education paths you can take, comparing taking the dietician route, the nutritionist route, or the practical coaching route, and where all these roles can take people, both in and out of the fitness industry, and also discuss career paths and our journeys as a whole. 

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Is training in the gym sustainable long term? Is it healthy, does it have meaning, purpose, and give us enough emotionally and physically? I discuss the various reasons we go to the gym, it's purpose, and whether it's applicable for everyone, and the circumstances you might stop going to the gym. 

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Getting older, and things getting harder? Yep, I'm sure you're not alone. In this episode I help a user navigate getting older and the steps you might need to take to alleviate the stress and changes that are happening. I also rant on people complaining about where they are at in life, and whether they have the right to complain at all... 

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Chronic Fatigue is an end stage of acute long term stress, so are you at risk? Are you already suffering with the signs? What are the signs? In this episode I talk to functional medicine practitioner Alex Manos on the many contributing factors around chronic fatigue (syndrome) and how we can look to conquer this growing problem. We look at the 6 level approach, the physiological dynamics of such a condition, and then move into discussing the role of the gut and the microbiome and its affect on health. 

Check out Alex website: if your interested in this area 

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Want to lose body fat and maintain performance? What if you play sport and you are in or pre season? Is carb cycling just for body builders, or can the average man and woman do it? In this short episode we quickly unravel this topic. Enjoy 

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