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Are you seeking perfection? Is it a healthy or unhealthy habit you have? Where do we draw the line with what is healthy, and what is not? Being vein is a good thing, but there is a limit, how do we find this personal limit and channel this desire to be something that adds health and satisfaction to our lives, rather than leaving us anxious and unhappy. We also discuss self-awareness, dressing to impress and more. 

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Who is Hunter McIntyre? A legend from the OCR world, set to take the world obstacle course world by storm again this year as he looks to win the world championship. Hunter is a charismatic and passionate athlete, pushing his body and mind to new and different levels.

We discuss challenging your body and mind, his background into OCR racing, how he eats, how he recovers, his training routine, his love for crossfit, and lots of other random tangents. Hunter is a top athlete, his passion is going to rub off on you! 

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This week I chit chat over food intolerance testing and their accuracy and have a farewell to make... 

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What is the perfect body fat %, or is there one? The body has many ways of showing you what is the ideal, but how many of us are listening to the cues. But we need to, its paramount. In this episode we go off on many tangents, discussing how we view the body, training, hormones, not having a period, fat loss, extremes, being in a good place, and more. It's a content packed show from me and the Fox! 

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Do you get out what you put in? We continue the conversation that Gaye and Stephanie started weeks ago about growing old, your body changing, and the pressure to be a certain way set by the fitness industry. Another short solo show evolving this topic some more. Enjoy. 

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What role does the metabolism have in fat loss, a huge amount, but what individual variations are there, what do we need to be aware of? What is meant by the term metabolic adaptation, and do some individuals metabolisms adapt very well to dietary intake compared to others? How have Layne's thoughts evolved over the last few years on reverse dieting and metabolic damage? We also discuss Layne's recent run in with a bad injury and where his training is taking him now.

A cracker of a show packed with knowledge from one of the industries greats! 

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Do superfoods exist, arguments are for and against, but who is correct, and what advice does this elicit for our future nutrition? 

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Are you giving yourself the chance to be successful? I answer a question from an ex youth athlete on why she can't break the cycle to get back into achieving some success in her life. So I look at the why's, the hows, and the environment we surround ourselves with, and whether this is conductive to success, and how us as influences on young people can help this awkward transition. 

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