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Mark Fisher joins me on the show to discuss success in our fitness journey. We explore:

- What makes us all successful within our journey

- Why so many of us lack confidence and where that fits in with external and internal motivators

- How Rich Fronin can inspire - but how far should that inspiration go

- How to be a unicorn yourself

- What FITNESS actually is

- How so many of us are caught in a rut with training and t's damaging other areas of our life

- Why we choose to be fit, and are we living to those reasons 

- What Mark feels needs to change in fitness and what has changed of recent, and much more. 

This is a show EVERYONE will get something from, wherever you are in your journey many things in this show will resonate with you. 

Check Mark out at 

and at  if you are a coach or PT 

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Life's a Journey, but are we embracing it's potential? 

Are you embracing your potential? 

Lifes too short not too..... solo show for Podcast 229, enjoy

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I invite Phil Graham for a 2nd interview on the podcast and this time we discuss diabetes, something that is very close to Phil's heart. In this interview we discuss the differences between type 1 and 2 diabetes, how to optimise it, the role of insulin, the importance of exercise, things you need to be aware of, optimising body composition with diabetes, health considerations, training considerations, micronutrient considerations, and more. I also delve into Phil's transition out of bodybuilding and into the normal world of training for health and performance. An excellent show with a knowledgable and humble guy, and if you haven't got a copy of his book, get one! 

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We are all capable of great things, but we have to choose to be great. Jamie is someone I disliked many years ago in fitness, but his teachings and where he is at these days impresses me daily, his mindset, his training, everything is an example to others to learn from. I interview Jamie (aka Grenade Jay) on whats changed, his journey, his habits, his values, his training, his diet, his life, everything, and there is something everyone can learn from in this podcast. Enjoy. 

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