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In this episode we get very honest with ourselves and our situations, the daily things we deal with as people that could hold us back, but shouldn't if we choose to be honest about the why and be clear with a solution. Could 1 simple shift in our mindset be the key....

We also muse around educating the obese segment of the UK population and what it would take to change that on a mass scale, as well as other fat loss musings with this weeks Q&A. Enjoy. 

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Another training and S&C focused chat with Dave Cripps. Dave has been on the show so another dose of his training wisdom as we talk simplification in training, fundamental movements, common weakness's, where people lack success, how he coaches and more. 

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From whom have I learnt from in the last 10 years to be successful at what I do? In this episode I discuss all the people I have learnt from that has shaped me as a practitioner and person, both from a nutrition point of view, mindset point of view, business point of view, and training. Learn the books to read, the people to follow, and the ways to think to master your destiny! 

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Today's show is an assortment of topics including our feet and how they move, the best gym shoes to wear, our thoughts on vibram shoes, lower body biomechanics issues, and vitamins and the stages of pregnancy and best advice. All with my lovely co-host Rachel Guy. 

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