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Instagram has blown up fitness, but is it all positive? Does it paint a good enough picture of being strong, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally?

Zanna Van Dijk is the perfect person to talk about this with, a fitness blogger and instagram celeb who co-runs the Girl Gains movement. Zanna and I discuss where and how Instagram is playing a role in young people finding fitness information, what messages need to get out there, where to start if you are just getting into fitness, the art of self love, and why everyones journey is different and we all need to find our own level of personal balance. 

Oh and her book is out, and it looks awesome: 

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Danny Lennon, aka Sigma Nutrition, joins me on the show to discuss what does evidence based nutrition actually mean? And where does this start and stop with being our guiding star in everything nutrition and training related? What are the biggest things he has learnt in his practice as a nutritionist over the years, and what are the biggest things he has learnt off his guests on his successful podcast? Where does he see the future for nutrition application with advances in technology? Does he feel nutrition is too complicated for many, and much more... 

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Mike Israetel is one clever dude, and an experienced athlete, and in this episode you get the pleasure of learning from him. Mike, a professor at Temple University in Physiology, is well versed in training science, so in this episode we delve in to the application of MRV, aka maximum recoverable volume and maximising your ability as an athlete in and out of the gym. We cover the minds role in recovery and maximising human performance, and other recovery practices Mike values highly. Another Awesome episode! 

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Sheli McCoy is back on the show talking diet and training concepts in crossfit. I raise more questions on what is nutrition in the crossfit world and how has it evolved, how is crossfit evolving to change its approach to training, what actually is crossfit in terms of its competition testing, why do a kipping pull up and other speed variations of exercises, what is the future of crossfit, and more. Oh - and we talk about altitude training, mainly because sheli was sat in an altitude training centre at the time. 

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Sheli McCoy is a crossfit athlete with a powerful story, a story that not many know. Crossfit has got plenty of negative press over the years, but let's explore why, and how, and what it is doing to change that. Why is crossfit one of the most empowering disciplines you can do, and is changing things for a huge amount of people? Let's delve into the world of crossfit, part 1 podcast with Sheli McCoy. 

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