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If you did 401 marathons, how do you think it would affect your body, let alone your mind? Ben Smith, a man on a quest to find out what makes him tick in life set out to run 401 marathons in 401 days, an incredible feat of mental and physical toughness.

But how did that affect his body? How did it affect his well-being? Why did he decide to do such a mad event? What led to this decision? What did he eat? What was his favourite pair of trainers from the 23 he used? Discover this and much more with this incredible fascinating interview with Ben Smith. 

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How do you be a badass? You listen to Joe DeFranco, thats what. Joe owns one of the most famous gyms in the world, training the elite of the elite, his gym, his methods and his opinions do not get any better. Joe is a legend and someone that highly influenced the early days of my training career. 

In this episode we cover some lessons Joe has learned over his 21 years in the business, we look at some of the core values that define him, the differences between genetics and hard work, the basics of strength, the cornerstone to any gym program, auto-regulatory training, and more. 

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Want to know the science about aspartame, fat loss, metabolism, insulin, weight management, nutrients effect on fat loss, and more? Tune in to this science focused podcast with James Krieger. 

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What have I learnt in 2016, and how will that improve 2017?

What have I failed at? What have I succeeded at? What am I disappointed with? How will my diet and training change in 2017? What life goals have I got? What have I learnt about people that can help me? What do I think you need to do to have more success in 2017? Find out.... 

Check out myself by googling 'Ben Coomber' and Rachel by googling 'Rachel Guy' 

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