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Episode 251 caused a stir all over social media, it's the show that has gotten the most attention for some time from an apparent negative perspective, so we had to do a part 2 podcast. In this podcast myself and Tom Bainbridge, my special guest, discuss the points raised from podcast 251, Tom casts a critical and objective eye over my assumptions and opinions, and draws on the research to add more context. Either way, a lot is discussed and this ends up being one of the best debates in podcast history. But first we must talk of cognitive bias... enjoy. 

Note: The study tom references by Mike Zourdos was actually Jeremy Loennoke, FYI. 

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Powerlifting has become very popular over recent years, but, are people doing it for the right reasons? Is it aligned with your training goals and wants for your body? Do you know how it's having an effect on your body? In this podcast, it's time to question powerlifting and why people are doing it. 

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Another solo show, this week were talking about how to stop feeling hungry when you have lost a ton of weight, the dynamics of staying full and not getting cravings, and consistent vs inconsistent calorie intakes and its affect on your recovery. We then finish the show with a look at following your passion, your dreams, and what to do if you want to make a career change but have a stable job that you need. 

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Love nutrition science? Me too, but it can fail us, how? Well the world we live in is not black and white, there are real world situations to consider and various dynamics at play, basically, everyone has their own context, AND, when you analyse or conduct science it is always in a given environment, what if your environment is different? You'll get different results. Sit back and enjoy this show as I patch in my latest webinar for you 'why nutrition science fails and practical application wins', enjoy. 

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Want to see how I would calculate someones energy needs? Struggle with knowing when to stop training? Think you train too much, but don't get DOMS or signs that you should stop? Scared of losing muscle mass? Think your goals need to be readjusted? how do you stop muscle loss? This quick solo show is just for you, where I assess what someone is doing, then advise accordingly...

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