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Are you training effectively in the gym? Perhaps your not matching your training to your psychological profile. In this fascinating episode I explore all the character traits that drive us and how this relates to getting bigger, stronger, faster, leaner and progressing in the gym week by week. Should you strength train, do cardio, mix it up, do high reps, low reps, follow progressive overload? Its all up for debate in this training focused episode, connecting the mind, with the muscle. 

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Want to know how to be better at life? Then listen to Mykel Hawke, a decorated U.S. soldier with a vast background in tactical survival and war. Now a hit TV star in the U.S. Mykel and I discuss life discipline and how it's curated, how you can harness fear to be better at life and conquer your goals, why having big muscles is a bad thing, how the military taught him to focus on what he is good at, how pride in yourself is key to living your best life, and more. This is an invaluable episode, please do check out Mykel's work at: 

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Is it the journey or the destination we are seeking? Philosophical right... but life is about meaning to us, ourselves, and life is actually a selfish journey, to deny this is futile. In this episode I talk to Crossfit Athlete Sheli McCoy about rising from 97th in the UK in 2016 to 37th in the UK in 2017 and what she did differently to progress so much while being injured for 6 months, we then discussed what she will continue to do to be the best athlete she can be, why being accountable has been key, how she views her debilitating injury and how it made her weakness's strengths, why you need tunnel vision as an athlete, how the crossfit open has shaped so many, how to create more discipline in your arena, and more. This is a powerful episode in fine tuning your inner and outer athlete. 

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Rachel is back on the show as we discuss the differences between full fat and whole fat dairy, micro nutrition and the IIFYM debate, multi-vitamins, bad injuries and what to do, extreme approaches to exercises, massive gym fails, humility, and much more, enjoy! 

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