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Can hormones make you gain weight, or stop you from losing weight? I'm joined by PCOS Nutritionist Claire Goodwin as we discuss her background as a competitive athlete and how her weight was never a simple equation of calories in vs calories out. When does basic black and white science not explain someones weight, and what do we do about it? What hormones are key in this process, and how do they work? Find out in today's show, and check out Claire at: 

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When it comes to food & nutrition, why do we do what we do? How do we know when our nutrition or our environment needs to change for a more positive outcome? Could our relationship be a point of friction in optimal dietary outcome? When were presented with a physical problem, like eczema, what do we do, and why? Optimal human health is a right for all, but what steps are limiting factors in us achieving it? Join myself & Tom Bainbridge to find out. 

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What does a new dad do when he wants to train for a fight? Train for it, that's what. Simon Herbert is a fighter, newly appointed dad, gym owner, coach and nutritionist. An expert juggler of all the above with a history of irritable bowel disease we discuss his journey, the battles old and new, not accepting his fate when told be needed a colostomy bag, and how to optimise training and nutrition for a busy and demanding lifestyle. Enjoy. 

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Clean Eating Alice is now Alice Liveing, but why, what happened? In this amazing interview with Alice Liveing we uncover her recent journey of nutritional and fitness change, the journey that took her into this world of Instagram fitness with 3 best selling books, the lessons she has learnt, the pro's and con's of social media, what she hopes for the future of fitness, and more. An inspiring and ranty podcast, you'll love it. 

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