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2017 was the hardest year of my life, why? I spent 9 months facing bankruptcy, I got attacked more online than I've ever done to date, I got my passion beaten out of me, I lost my ability to innovate, I realised I have fear and weakness's that I thought I didn't, my health took a massive nose dive, I lost my passion to exercise, and much more. But this podcast episode isn't aimed to sit in the mud and dwell, it's aimed to reflect, reposition, repurpose, and take ACTION in 2018! 

From adversity comes great things, and it's time for my greatness to rise. What about you? 

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You know our Q&A shows are awesome, right? Well this one is.... BOOM! Why? We just cover a ton, quickly, discussing our genetic potential as humans in the gym, how to change your training based on your genetic potential, periodisation for hypertrophy and strength, our learning styles and different courses that match that, protein and how its dose and size affects metabolic rate, 6 week PT courses, and many more rambles. Enjoy. 

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When it comes to training, what is Calisthenics? Is it better than traditional gym training, and where do the theories of strength and conditioning intersect with Calisthenics, if at all? I talk to Tim and David from The School of Calisthenics in the podcasts first live 3 way show. We evolve the discuss around all things human movement, gym and outdoor training, bodyweight and much more. A top show with as much banter as knowledge gainz! 

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What do you do if your partner isn't into fitness as much as you? How do you know if that relationship is the ONE? Are you someone who bickers with your partner over petty things, why is this, are we poor communicators, or are we not right for one another? Our relationship with our partner is one of the most important relationships we have, and optimising it will lead to more happiness in life, so it was essential I got Susan Winter, New York based TV presenter and relationship expert on to the show to blow the doors off this topic. You're going to love this show, enjoy. 

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