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Is Pilates and HIIT training the perfect combo to perform in the gym for optimal health and performance? What an earth is anti-dieting, and why is it empowering many women across the globe? What can you learn from pastry chef turned trainer and coach Hollie Grant, author of 'The Model Method'? Join me as I interview the awesome and inspiring lady that is Hollie Grant. 

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This show is a rocker, with fellow podcaster Brian Keane as we discuss our paths to success as people, what we now learn and why, the personality traits we have and why, why we love BIG scary goals and how it defines us, success as a human and what it means at a deep level, Brian's journey in fitness, and much more. Check out me on Brians show at, episode 59: 

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What did I learn from my experiences in 2017? How did I stay strong and positive in light of all the pain and negativity? What would I do differently if I could turn back the clocks? What happened to my motivation to exercise during this time? Did the online attacks affect my business? In this episode I expand on episode 291, going deeper into the lessons and events that shaped who I am today. Enjoy. And thanks again for getting episode 291 to #1 on iTunes 

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